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Wygląda na to że 2013 będzie rokiem shmupów. Ghost Blade to czwarta pozycja na DC zapowiedziana na ten rok. Nie będę się rozpisywał bo nie ma o czym, na razie mało konkretów. Za grę odpowiedzialne jest niemieckie studio Hucast (Dux, Redux: Dark Matters), data premiery nie jest znana, wiadomo tylko że ukaże się w 2013.



Game Features

3 Game Modes with 3 player ships too choose from.

Game Modes

Stage Mode: 5 Stages
Carvan Mode: 2 min./5 min. Caravan Mode


1x Game Disc
1x Soundtrack CD
1x SuperPlay DVD
1x Color Manual
1x 24 page Artbook


+Exlusive Title Screen
+Exlusive 24 page Concept/Artbook
+Exlusive Cove Art
+The Soundtrack CD will feature all original Tracks and some exlusive Remixes.
+Sticker set with exlusive motivs
+BT (beta test) demo discs before game release exlusive to purchasers of this CE.


Serial number on insert or box starting on #001 with first order.

Pricing: 79 Euro early bird pre-order price until 11th February. Later price is 89 Euro.
pre-order purchase: http://www.hucast.com

Group orders are welcome!

Device Support:

VGA Box, Arcade Stick, VMU support.



ghost-blade-teaser.jpg  ghost-blade-teaser-screen-var4.jpg?w=470


ghost-blade-concept-art-shangai-city.png  desert-storm-boss-concept_tank-hk-10.jpg



ghost-blade-stage-1-concept-art.jpg?w=47  jai9zd.png




o92w4j.png - http://hucastgames.wordpress.com

twitter.png - https://twitter.com/hucastgames

facebook.png - https://www.facebook.com/hucastgames

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Nowe zdjęcie z gry




We are working on Ghost Blade stage 4 since we don’t have a strict order
to develop a stage we went with this one. The screenshot shows an water
base and some mechanic crab enemies and turrets installed. Some tanks
show up as well. Oh, and a new blasting shot! It’s still all Alpha material though.

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