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Brain Challenge

Guest Kyo

Poziom trudności Trofeów  

  1. 1. Jak oceniasz poziom trudno?ci Trofeów w Barin Challenge?

    • Bardzo ?atwe
    • ?atwe
    • ?rednie
    • Trudne
    • Bardzo trudne

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Brain Challenge





First Touch

Finish one Daily Test!



Get 30 combos in any mode!


60% Brain Usage

Reach 60% Brain Usage!


80% Brain Usage

Reach 80% Brain Usage!


Card Game!

Finish one online Card Game match!


Time Attack!

Finish one online Time Attack match!


Snatch Game!

Finish one online match in Snatch Game!





100% Brain Usage

Reach 100% Brain Usage!


The One of the Card Game!

Reach level 100 in Card Game!


The One of Time Attack!

Reach level 100 in Time Attack!


The One of Snatch Game!

Reach level 100 in Snatch Game!





King of Brain!

Get A+ in all Brain Training games!



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Top Posters In This Topic

To jest dopiero (chyba) zapowiedź. Za świerze info :)


Brain Challenge Appeared on the US PSN last night and it came with trophies on launch (no update needed).


Trophy server is not accepting the trophies yet but i bet that they will tomorrow night.

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