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Yakuza 3

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Tłumaczenie: Yuriko aka Hihihellobye. <--- Jak tylko pojawi się oficjalna list to podminię.





Sub Story 10

Clear 10 Sub Stories


Sub Story 30

Clear 30 Sub Stories


Sub Story 50

Clear 50 Sub Stories


Sub Story 80

Clear 80 Sub Stories


Fat arm

You spent over 300,000 yen in a Cabaret in one go.


Good Coordinator

You coordinated the girls well in the Kabatsuku


Wanderer of the Key

You opened all of the top row of lockers of both Kamiyacho and Ryukucho


Master Gourme

You ordered the most expensive menu in all restaurants and bars


Hit Action Master

You made Hit Action your finishing move in 50 battles


Legendary Champion

You won all the tournaments


Campaign for sampling

You remodelled your weapon once


Started a blog

Adquired one revelation


The road to the trial

Met all the masters



Played the 2 Este modes.


Hat trick

Got a hat trick with the darts


Break Ace

Got a Break Ace with ball 9 at billiard


Karaoke King

Played all Karaoke songs


Boiled Turkey

Got a turkey at bowling


Rare Gambler

Obtained a total of 10,000 points in all "Chinchirorin" "The odd number" "Koikoi" and "Oichokabu"


Great Gambler

Obtained a total of 10,000 points in roulette, poker and black jack.


Pro Gamer

You got all trophies in all 3 games of the game center: took 10 stuffed toys from the UFO catcher, won 10 rounds of "Answer x Answer" and got a high-schore at shooting


Firm Player

Won a game of shogi (Japanese chess) without ever moving the King.


Sunbathing Dragon

You called at Mahjohng whilst still waiting for the horse


Nice Hitter

You got two hits in a row at the batting center.


Powerful Driver

Flew 350 yards on golf`s conpe mode.


Tuna General

Caught a Tuna whilst fishing


Ultimate Challenger

Cleared all competitions and modes after clearing the game


Marathon Runner

Ran 42,195 km





Big-arm Hunter

Captured all hitmen


Mini-game Master

Completed all mini-games


The Strongest Proof

Cleared the extra hard difficulty after clearing the game








Scenario Mode Chapter 1: Defeated Majima



Scenario Mode Chapter 2: Defeated Rikiya



Scenario Mode Chapter 3: Defeated Tamashiro



Scenario Mode Chapter 4: Defeated Hasebe



Scenario Mode Chapter 5: Defeated the Mysterious Foreigner



Scenario Mode Chapter 6: Defeated Kanda



Scenario Mode Chapter 7: Defeated Majima Again



Scenario Mode Chapter 8: Defeated Rao Caron



Scenario Mode Chapter 9: Defeated Kazama


Our thanks, from all the staff

Clear the game


Runaway Train

Run over 100 people


Human watcher

Fought 10 encounter battles in subjective mode introduction.



Broke 100 arms that were arranged for battle.



Picked up 5 rubbish items from the beach of Asagao






Scenario Mode Chapter 12: Defeated Shige


Walking Bank

Possess more than 10 million yen.


Eco Master

Picked up 30 rubbish items from the beach of Asagao





Platinum Trophy

Got all the trophies in the game.


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No to na platynę będzie trzeba zrobić wszystkie pierdoły zawarte w grze :D Nie wiem czy wytrzymam te wszystkie mahjongi i inne :P Ale będzie przynajmniej dużo do roboty. Niech tę grę szybko przetłumaczą ( marzenia ).



Heh, widać znowu Majima będzie, lubię tego wariata, mimo iż jest draniem:)


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