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Texas Cheat 'Em

Guest Kyo

Poziom trudności Trofeów.  

  1. 1. Jak oceniasz poziom trudno?ci Trofeów w Texas Cheat 'Em?

    • Bardzo ?atwe
    • ?atwe
    • ?rednie
    • Trudne
    • Bardzo trudne

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Brąz: :3pl:


You Low Down, Dirty #@^%!

Win a hand by using the "Guaranteed Win" Cheat


Sticky Fingers

Steal another player's chips


You're Missing The Point Here

Win a hand with a Straight or better without using any cheats


Nosey Parker

Use the Target X-Ray Cheat on another player



Use five or more Cheats in a single hand


Come Out and Play

Win five consecutive PvP games initiated by other players


Like a Bad Rash

Win a hand after folding and then using "Unfold"


Luck O' the Draw

Increase your hand to a Straight or above using Player Swap or Deck Swap



Srebro: :2pl:


The Power of Suggestion

Use a "Suggestion" Cheat to assemble a full house or greater



Use Cheats to go from a High Card to a Straight or better


Something's Fishy Here...

Win a hand with 5 of a Kind



Złoto: :1pl:


Cheater For Life

Complete all levels of Career Cheat'em

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