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Monster Hunter 3


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Gra znana przede wszystkim posiadaczom ps2 .Należy do gatunku RPG i jest bardzo popularna w kraju kwitnącej wiśni.

Masa trailerów i screenów .





Trochę informacji:

MH3 Tri

- New area: Desert

├ Will have areas/caves that are inaccessible to sunlight.

├ Swordfish like monsters that attack in groups

└ Huge ants (seen in TGS video)


- New monster: Boruborosu

├ Lives in the desert

├ Will submerge in mud to protect from the intense heat (similar to Basarios/Gravios)

├ Breathe by sticking its nose above the mud

├ Will attack hunters that get close to it by a upward head thrust

├ Able to shake harden mud from body to attack players

├ Hunters get caught by the harden mud will be cover in mud. They are unable to attack and movement speed will be greatly decrease

└ When angry, it will use its 'bind voice' ability which will result in hunters covering their ears


- Rathian

├ New spitting fire move that will have a big area effect

├ New move by using its talons to trap a hunter and bite them

└ When stamina decreases, it will fall down during charge or there will be no fire when it is spitting


- Ragiakurusu

├ Have different movement on land/sea

├ Electric attack will stun players

└ Will rest underwater to regenerate health


- Once underwater gauge runs out, health will decrease. Regenerate by getting above water or air bubbles.


- New feature: Action Point, basically its just a shortcut to mining, catching bugs etc by pressing A


Monster Hunter 3's virtual hub city - details

- town's name is Loklak

- town is divided into 5 areas

- town gate lets you pick a server based on experience, offers an information desk that tells you about sales and upcoming events

- main square lets you trade/buy items/materials, allows you to combine items, offers an 'interior workshop' that creates furniture for your guest house

- tavern lets you take quests, eat food, and enter colosseum tournaments

- lodging row houses guest houses, allows you to invite friends to your home, size of your home depends on your rank

- workshop lets you buy/upgrade/modify weapons


Tytuł ten charakteryzuje się przepiękną oprawą audio-wizualną , posiada tryb kooperacji na splicie jak i online.Premiera w Europie odbędzie się na początku 2010 roku.Uważam , iż jest to jedna z najpiękniejszych gier na Wii ;)

Famitsu review : [Wii]Monster Hunter 3 Tri - 10,10,10,10



GC 2009: Beast Battle (Off Screen)

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