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Muramasa: The Demon Blade


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Twórcy Odin Sphere przygotowali również dla posiadaczy Wii klasyczną grę 2d z przepiękną grafiką .

Trailery i screeny.

Garść informacji:

- The boy, Kisuke, is a fugitive ninja which lost his memories, to the point that he couldn't even remember why he was being chased after. The only thing he is sure of, is that he is now motivated by an intense desire to pursue and find a certain "katana", even if this means fighting for that.

- The girl, Momohime, is a pure and beautiful princess which was one day possessed by an evil spirit. This tragedy led her to flee her castle, and to vanish...

- You can use two types of katana : the regular, long sword, and the bigger sword. The regular swords excel in 1-on-1 and aerial battles, while the bigger, more powerful swords are better suited to take care of multiple enemies.The proper use of weapons depending on the situation is a key element of the battles.

It's said that the battles are not just about blowing off enemies, as there are many strategic elements to them.

- You can perform defensive, as well as evasive moves, at the cost of a depleting soul gauge. When the gauge reachs zero, your weapon breaks, considerably reducing your attack power (you'll then have to switch your sword).

- You can equip up to 3 katanas. After a certain time has elapsed, you're able to use one of your weapon's special power ("iai kiri"). To do that, just switch to it, and it will be unleashed automatically. Switching your weapons strategically is actually a key element.

- As you collect more and more katanas, you'll find out that each of them has a different secret skill concealed within it (i.e : some spinning move, lightning-quick jabs, etc)

- That game takes place on the Genroku era's Honshuu. You're free to start the game with any of the two characters. If you choose Kisuke, you start from the West side of the map. Alternatively, if you choose Momohime, you start from the East side. From then the story of both characters branch out independently.

- On your quest, you'll be able to meet various characters, visit some villages and cities where you'll be able to shop, eat, and restore yourself, and experience many events.

-the development team actually invested a lot of time and effort into the animations which are played when you eat the various meals at the restaurants, so they hope you'll enjoy them .

- You'll be able to travel long distance in a short time thanks to boats and other vehicles, though you'll have to pay for these services. You must be careful though, as you could have a few surprises during your trips...

- the preorder bonus will consist of a 2 meters long, reversible folding screen with artworks printed on it.


Premiera w Europie odbędzie się w listopadzie bieżącego roku .





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Wygląda przepięknie, jedna z najładniejszych gier jakie wyjdą w najbliższym czasie. Aż dziwne, że dotychczas nikt o tym tytule nic nie wspominał, sam interesuję się nim od jakiegoś czasu i muszę przyznać, że Muramasa to jedna z tych gier dla których kiedyś kupię Wii. Aż żal, że nie wychodzi więcej takich tytułów, no ale cóż takie to już czasy...

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