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6 Pucharków ukrytych - kolory nieznane.


Brąz: bronze.gif


Aces in Spades

Ace 10 different Story levels in a row


Prize Collector

Collect 50% of Story prize bubbles


10 Story Versus Wins

Win 10 Story mode Versus games against at least one other player


Multiplier 5x

Score a 5x multiplier in a Story level


Multiplier 10x

Score a 10x multiplier in a Story level


Scoreboard 50%

Place in the top 50% of players in the online scoreboard for a level


Monster Masher

Kill 20 monsters in Story levels


Mortal Coil Shuffler Extraordinaire

Accumulate 20 deaths in one Story level


Dive In 25

Dive in and play 25 random levels with other players, and don't immediately leave!


Play 25 Community Levels

Play 25 unique cooperative community levels


Actually Quite Good

Place in the top 25% of players in 5 community level scoreboards (with at least 20 other players in them)


Play 5 Versus Levels

Play 5 unique community Versus levels


25 Online Versus Wins

Win 25 Versus mode community levels against at least 1 other player


Who Needs Breakfast?

Play LittleBigPlanet 2 before 9am


Just... One... More... Go...

Play LittleBigPlanet 2 after 9pm


Grapple Hooked

Create a chain of 4 players grappling each other


Turbo Slapper

Slap more than one player at once


Snapy Dresser

Change your costume


10 Minutes of Create

Spend 10 active minutes in Create mode


Community Spirit

Publish a level to the community


50 Unique Players

A level you published was played by 50 unique players


Long Term Publisher

A level you published has been published for 7 days


A Series of Tubes

Use a Level Link to link two of your published levels together


Custom Badger

Create a custom badge for your level from a PlayStation Eye photo or an in-game photo


Step into my Arena

Publish a Versus mode level


Teacher's Pet

You watched all the tutorials! Take a gold star, go to the top of the class.


40 Yays or Boos

Give 40 positive or negative votes on community levels



Write a review



Upload a photo


The Votarator

Rate 5 brand new community levels (less than 10 plays)


A Dip In The Stream

Play a level from your Recent Activity



Srebro: silver.gif


Complete Story Mode

Complete the main path of the story mode


Scoreboard 25%

Place in the top 25% of players in the online scoreboard for a level


Play 75 Community Levels

Play 75 unique cooperative community levels


U Know U A Playa

Spend 5 hours playing community levels


A Game A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Play LittleBigPlanet 2 on every day of the week


Highly Rated

A level you published was positively rated by 50 unique players


Uber Prize Collector

Collect 100% of Story prize bubbles





Ace Story Mode

Ace every level in the story mode


1440 Minutes of Create

Spend 24 active hours in Create mode


160 Yays or Boos

Give 160 positive or negative votes on community levels


Platyna: platinum.png:woot:


100% Complete

Earn all LittleBigPlanet 2 trophies to unlock this platinum

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