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Lord of the Rings Aragorn's Quest


Poziom trudności pucharów  

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(9trophy_bronze.png, 15trophy_silver.png, 5trophy_gold.png, 1platinum.png)


Brąz: bronze.gif


No Friend of Goblins

Defeat 100 Goblins


No Friend of Orcs

Defeat 100 Orcs


No More Trolling

Defeat your first Hill-Troll


No Friend of Uruks

Defeat 100 Uruks


Middle-Earth Extermination

Defeat 1000 Enemies


You got it!

Perform an Icon Strike


You Been Working Out?

Perform 5000 sword swipes


Fun Guy

Complete Button Mushroom quest


Pest Control

Complete Crow Hunting quest



Srebro: silver.gif


Expert in Lore

Collect all lore items


Middle-Earth Annihilation

Defeat 2500 Enemies


Oliphaunt Tamed!

Defeat 8 Oliphaunts


Bow Selector

Defeat 250 enemies with Bow


You've really got it

5 consecutive Icon Strikes



1000 silver coins acquired


Tree Hugger

Defend the Ent


Not By The Hand of Man

Defeat the Witch-King


Shoot the Messenger

Defeat the Mouth of Sauron


Which King?

Defeat the Witch-King without taking damage


A New Champion

Defeat the Uruk champion without taking damage


Rule Them All

Defeat Black Riders/Nazgul



Acquire all the upgrades


Stall Owner

All stalls 100% Complete


Child's Play

Complete all the imaginary quests in the woods





The Fellowship

Collect all the Fellowship Tokens



Complete all the side quests


It Did Not Pass

Defeat the Balrog


The Key to the Shire

Complete the Shire


A True King

Game complete




Platyna: platinum.png:woot:


Own Then All

All Trophies Collected

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