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Pacific Rim

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It’s now been confirmed that Idris Elba will take over for Tom Cruise to star in what’s being described as an epic sci-fi film - aka Pacific Rim


After a gargantuan, devastating creature attacks the Earth in November of 2012, the military devises the “Jaeger” program. Consisting of two-man teams trained to pilot giant “building-sized” mechanical devices, known as "Jaegers", they are Earth's last hope to stand a chance should another such threat occur. When an enormous gaping portal, 5 miles below our ocean’s surface opens, releasing many more beasts of similar and much greater size as the event in 2012, the "Jaeger" pilots fight back with their armor and advanced weaponry in order to stand up against the giant megafauna.


The movie is influenced by mecha, the Japanese genre involving humans piloting robotic constructs.


Jako, że jestem fanem chińskich bajek o pierdolnych robotach - jaram się.

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