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  1. what the hell?! where are the polish players??! only 4 players from poland?! . Over 100 best european players already signed up, only 2 weeks after the annoucement of Damagermany!!! ALmost 2 weeks after the Annoucement of Tekken 6 Damagermany Tournament, all top and known european players did already sign up and are attending the event. In that rate, Damagermany is gonna be the highest level tournament in Europe since years. We are proud to recieve almost all top players from UK, Germany, France, Poland, Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and even Korea. O
  2. it´s me sabredabre i checked cheap flight from poland. there is good options. from wroclaw airport to frankfurt hahn, the flights return costs only 70 Zloty (PLN). about 17 euro. so it´s really cheap. from poznan to wroclaw is about 180 km. as well as from lodz to wroclaw is about 200 km. i checked also eurolines, the bus lines. and there is also special poland offer! 60 euro return from poznan to frankfurt, and also 60 euro from warszawa to frankfurt. please check also this bus lines only for poland Mój odnośnik . might be also cheap tickets. for accomodation, i´m arranging o
  3. DamagermanY Homepage In collaboration with the official TekkenTreff Tournament we are proud to present the next Damagermany Tournament. This event will consist this time only one game: Tekken 6 and will be held on 27th and 28th February in Frankfurt am Main Germany. Its not the MAX DamagermanY event which consist many games. Max DamagermanY will be held yearly on summer with probably tekken 6, super street fighter 4 and maybe BlazBlue. Tekken 6 Damagermany will be probably the "real" and biggest international Tekken 6 Tournament since game release in europe. We will try to inv
  4. Namco Bandai will assist on our event and will bring Tekken 6 for us. Tekken 6 for PS 3 will be playable on damagermanY. The first and exclusive apportunity to test and feel the game on PS3. C ya soon SabreDabre
  5. Hi guys, I just recieved an answer from Atari, and they want to call me tomorrow. I don´t know what they will tell me but there is a chance that we will have Tekken 6 Stations on Damagermany and maybe the first Tekken 6 Tournament in Europe. Stay tuned. I´ll inform asap i have the call. C YA! Sabredabre
  6. hi guys! the Tournament is in few days. here are the sign up List tekken DR 1- Pascha 2- Tolga 3- SabreDabre 4- Prodigal Son 5- Rikimaru [iT] 6- D4V3 7- Mazuya 8- aresONE 9- Tekkenizer 10- Kazanova 11- Ceb 12- 4D4M 13- Spirit 14- Cobra Commander [uK] 16- Snaker 17- Resu 18- MAD 19- Szyper [PL] 20- Major Hassenfuß 21- Grießgram 22- Karaba 23- vangiang 24- [WCL]OCV 25- Steven Caine 26- Shiva 27- cooler_name 28- Dragon 29- sam 30- ENHEAS [iT] 31- Azuya 32- Bode [iT] 33- Starscream [uK] 34- Steve88 [iT] 35- Thechef [uK]
  7. Hi, guys. @Matt: hey really cool to have u and your brother in Damagermany . This one will be BETTER than giessen . @Alik: hey u must come too . maybe u and some players can rent a car and then come to frankfurt. thats what we usually do when we went to UT in Paris. how much cost the trains?! warzawa to frankfurt?! @All: 10 days since we announced the DamagermanY Tournament, and we already have over 50 Players in Tekken DR and over 30 Players in SF4 who signed up. And the coolest thing that over 30 UK players did already book and are coming and parti(pipi)ating in all tourn
  8. Hi, It´s SabreDabre from Germany. In collaboration with the official TekkenTreff tournament Prosabrigal Productions (Sabri Badri and Ryan Hart) are proud to present Max Damagermany. This event will consist of the 4 games listed below BlazBlue Tekken DR Street Fighter IV Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Format Designation Format Designation will be as follows: BlazBlue - PS3 Tekken DR - PS3 Street Fighter 3 Third Strike - PS2 Street Fighter 4 - PS3 or XBOX please vote on this Tourney Format The format for Street Fighter IV and Tekken DR will be the
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