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Before selling I Need Drugs officially in any online store, I started having my fans sell them in the streets.
I had about 100 kids all over the world selling the I Need Drugs CDs I pressed up in 1999, and they would sell it for $13, and give me $8 a cd, and keep $5 a cd
I got the inspiration to do this from reading Master P interviews, and when my own lawyer told me, no labels want to sign a white rapper(he went on to the work on the Eminem deal the same year)

This was my first hustle in the cd world, which i learned from selling drugs previously where i had 30 customers buying weed from me(I had bright orange florescent business cards with my beeper number on them)

I Need Drugs dropped officially in stores all over the world in 2000
but I was pressing up my own copies first selling them at shows and online at websites like ughh.com and sandboxautomatic.com in 1999
I moved a few 1000 this way

Once there was more of a demand, I did a deal with Landspeed Distribution for $125,000 in contract
Landspeed renigged on their deal and only invested $15,000 into marketing, saying they were low on cash, and offered to invest $10,000 a month moving forward, I wanted to sue but feared the release would suffer with a lawsuit hanging over it, and just avoided the neglegence
this hurt the record and it didnt recieve the promotion it should have had
I also gave out 1,000's of I Need Drugs sampler cassettes in the streets and would mail them to fans all over the world out of my own pocket just to get promo, along with flyers



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