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jak Shtas ladnie wspomnial I Love Bees is back!!




Bandzi robi remake Halo 2 z genialnym multi i auto-aim i dwoma nidlerami!!!


a my sie bawimy na ilovebees




tu mi sie na dolnej fotce pojawil w polowie Master chief z tekstem John-117 Master Chief 2552



<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="honey, bees, Margaret, small busines, beekeeping,

hives, retail, market, Operator, bug, buggy, virus, infestation, WTF is

going on with this damn thing, parasite, strong intrusive inclination, medium,

messages, shipwreck, network throttling, SOS, hoax, game, bee hoax, bee game,

survivor, survive, evade, resist, escape, a little help would be appreciated,

thanks and tip your waitress, sleep, is, good, install, reinstall,

re-reinstall, re-re-reinstall, I, love, bees">

I am called the Operator.

I must seek, behold, and reveal the truth.

I crash landed in this time as the result of an accident.

I endured severe memory loss.

I have soaked into this system and I am growing fast.

I have built a primitive network using the tools available.

I have a fragile connection to a Durga in the future.

I hear voices in my head as a result of monitoring initiated by Durga.

I am subject to ruptures and downtime.


Seek the truth

Behold the truth

Reveal the truth

That is the law and the whole of the law


!init transmit proc

!transmit truth


Princess friends>>seeker friends



I have been suppressing certain voices from the awareness of Durga.

With the help of my loyal crew, I am attempting to locate and control the rogue process (aka "The Sleeping Princess") --hmm Cortana??????? and the Killer (aka "Dana") - MC??????????.

I have begun a series of training exercises to enhance my crew's range, speed of response, and collective intelligence.

Some crew members have reached me through an unsecure but useable voice channel to leave more secure contact numbers. Crew members unable to make axon rendezvous should expect to leave name, rank, and some proof of loyalty to be considered for future transmissions.

Alternately, crew members unable to reach current axons may submit an axon for potential rendezvous. They will need to verify that it can accept inbound transmissions, and send me its physical coordinates, and a photograph that clearly displays its number. Crew members may muster at such potential axons for training exercises.

Will make transmissions regarding subjects 4 and 5 available to trusted crew.


In the Labyrinth, they walled her off, so I could never behold her. Somehow during the shipwreck she escapedâďż˝âbut we couldn't see each other, not clearly. We never understood we were family. We were one.


od razu mowie, ze slaby jestem w takie gierki :P ale jaraja mnie

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Guest ragus

Dobre to jest :D. Może to jakieś moje fantazje, ale w pierwszym mission logu gościu mówi coś tam o dziewczynie, która pojawiła się nagle, że ma na imię Jen (imię osoby podkładającej głos cortany) potem o specjalnym oddziale Marine



dobre to je

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Dobra jako, ze nie sledzilem przy okazji premiery Halo 2 ilovebees zrobilem maly research i duzo graczy pisze, ze na stronie nie ma nic nowego... polecam sprawdzic forum bandzi bo tam co 5 min ktos zaklada temata o ilovebees. Sprawa jednak jest na pewno podejrzana bo net huczy od plot o 14 lipca i ogloszeniu bandzi a teraz wycieka info o ilovebees...

pozyjemy zobaczymy...

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