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Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

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Poziom trudności Trofeów  

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  1. 1. Jak oceniasz poziom trudno?ci Trofeów w Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection?

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Get Rich

Alex Kidd: Collect 1,000 in currency


Don't Die

Alien Storm: Reach Mission 3 without losing a life


Enter the Beast

Altered Beast: Collect 100,000 pts or higher by the end of the first level


Holy Water

The Story of Thor: Unlock the Water Spirit


Stealing Points

Bonanza Brothers: Reach 40,000 points on the first level


Easy as Pie

Columns: Get 20,000 points only on Easy Mode


Hardly a Hero

Comix Zone: Complete first episode


Get Ahead

Decap Attack: Collect 5 Bonus Coins


Communication is Key

Ecco: Talk to another dolphin


Taste Like Tuna

Ecco: The Tides of Time: Eat 200 fish


Suit up

E-SWAT: Obtain the Combat Suit (Complete Mission 2)


Don't Get Lost

Fatal Labyrinth: Progress to the fifth level of the labyrinth


Getting Chicks

Flicky: Collect 80,000 points


Twinkle Twinkle

Ristar: Collect 5 Yellow Stars


Complete Chaos

Sonic The Hedgehog: Obtain a Chaos Emerald


Flicky to the Rescue

Sonic 3D Flickie's Island: Rescue 20 Flickies.


Three Times a Charm

Streets of Rage: Complete 1st Level using all 3 characters




Garden Gnomes

Golden Axe: Collect 20 magic power-ups


Tower Up

Golden Axe II: Complete Tower Level



Kid Chameleon: Collect Maniaxe


True Ninja Skills

Shinobi III: Complete first level without using continues


Get to the Chopper

Super Thunder Blade: Score over 1,500,000 points in the first level


Good Day Mate

Streets of Rage 3: Unlock Roo the Kangaroo as a playable character


Super Charged

VectorMan: Collect 500 photons


Can You Dig It?

VectorMan 2: Reach Scene 11


Blast Processing

Play all MEGA DRIVE™ Titles


Master the System

Unlock Everything


No Life

Watch Every Video



View all Artwork


Only in the '80s

Play all Arcade Titles





Saved by Magic

Golden Axe III: Use magic 10 times



Dr. Robotnik's M.B.M.: Complete the game


A Different Tail

Sonic 3: Collect 100 rings with Tails anywhere on Angel Island Zone


Lots of Zeros

Sonic Spinball: Get 10,000,000 points in the first level






Earn all other trophies for MEGA DRIVE Collection.


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takie same? porównałem kilka random wybranych o_O


w US jako Sonic Genesis Ultimate Collection?

w EU jako Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection?



Odpisywałem Zeratulowi, a post znalazł się w innym miejscu LOL, gra różni się tylko nazwą? bo w US Mega Drive to było Genesis.....

Edited by sakiu
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No i mamy produkcję roku i Killzone killer... hehe... aż się łezka w oku kręci jak dobrze wyglądały kiedys gry i jakie zaiebiste pokłady grywalności miały. Serdecznie polecam!! Obadałem dopiero z 15 i bawię się jednocześnie łatwe trophies nabijając... dla fana old school gra must have...




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