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Major League Baseball 2K9

Guest Kyo

Poziom trudności Trofeów  

  1. 1. Jk oceniasz poziom trudno?ci Trofeów w Major League Baseball 2K9?

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Brąz: :3pl:


Long Balls

Hit 25 Home Runs with your User Profile


Even More Long Balls

Hit 50 Home Runs with your User Profile


The Most Long Balls

Hit 100 Home Runs with your User Profile


Feel the Heat

Strike out 25 batters with your User Profile


That Guy's Not Throwing it Nice

Strike out 50 batters with your User Profile


There's a Hole in My Bat

Strike out 100 batters with your User Profile


Catch Me If You Can

Steal 25 bases with your User Profile


Slippery When Wet

Steal 50 bases with your User Profile


Good Things Always Happen in 3's

Hit three Home Runs in a game


It's a Good Day to be a Hitter

Hit four Home Runs in a game


Grab Some Pine

Strike out 12 batters in one game


Pining Away

Strike out 15 batters in one game



Score 10 Runs in a game


Has Anyone Seen the Fat Lady?

Score 15 Runs in a game


Sticky Fingers

Steal 4 bases in one game


Cat Burglar

Steal 6 bases in one game



Win a game without allowing any runs scored


It's Alive!

Create a Player



Hit a home run with Tim Lincecum


Chicks Dig the Long Ball

Win the Classic Home Run Derby®


I Could Have Been a Contender

Play a Ranked Game Online


Two Turn Tables...

Create a 2K beats Playlist


Absolute Power

Hit 40 Home Runs in a season with one player (play at least 20 games)


May the Best Man...

Win 20 Games in a season with one pitcher (play at least 20 games)


Centennial Man

Drive in 100 runs in a season with one player (play at least 20 games)


Show Stopper

Save 40 games in a season with one player (play at least 20 games)


Bicentennial Man

Strike out 200 batters in a season with one player (play at least 20 games)


There Can be Only One

Win the World Series in Franchise mode (play at least 20 games)


If You Build It…

Create a Card Team


Spring Training

Try all 4 Practice Modes


King of the Hill

Get to the top of the Best of the Best ladder in Home Run Derby® Mode


Alone at the Top

Win the World Series in Postseason Mode (Play Final Game)



Unlock all the pitcher cards in the game



Unlock all the batter cards in the game



Unlock all nine cards for one team


Spread the Wealth

Unlock one card on each of the 30 MLB teams


A Man for All Seasons

Unlock 10 Classic Player Cards


One Hundo

Unlock 100 cards


Two Hundo

Unlock 200 cards


All the Tea...

Unlock all 320 Cards



Srebro: :2pl:



Don't give up any hits in a game



Złoto: :1pl:


Team 2K

Beat a Team 2K member or someone that has unlocked this achievement in an online game



Platyna: :potter:


Grand Poobah

Unlock all Trophies







Brąz: :3pl:


Hard Knocks

Hit three batters in a row


Expect the Unexpected

Drive in a run with a pitcher during a game


Srebro: :2pl:


Ya Can't Get Fooled Again

Strike out a batter and throw out a runner on the same play


That's All Folks

Hit a home run to win a game


This Old Man Came Rolling Home

Steal Home


Vicious Cycle

Hit a home run, triple, double and single in one game with one player


Złoto: :1pl:



Throw a No Hitter with one pitcher in a game


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