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Rock Band Blitz

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Dwuprzyciskowy, "badziej arcade'owy" Rock Band Unplugged na XLA/PSS.

wtfisthisshit.jpg :confused:


Przynajmniej działa z wszystkimi DLC i ma 25 nowych kawałków eksportowalnych do RB3...





Full disclosure: I'm Hamonix's publicist, and a longtime NeoGAF poster/mostly lurker. So...


I can answer a few questions about the game if anyone has any, but I wanted to address a few points I see quite a few people making.


1. "It's just like Rock Band Unplugged that's great/that's lame."


There are similarities to Rock Band Unplugged, for sure. Like many of our games, this is based on beat-matching and lane-changing. So at its very core, that's what Rock Band Blitz is. But what's being ignored (or perhaps not properly communicated via previews and even our trailer) is that this beat-matching is only one element of the game. Rock Band Blitz's multiplier/checkpoint mechanic combined with its power-up system adds a completely new layer to the game that makes it feel and play quite differently than something like Rock Band Unplugged or [insert Name of the Game You Think This is Just Like Here]. It really is about playing strategically, choosing different power-up load outs and such, versus simply "hitting all of the notes." In fact, you don't HAVE to hit all of the notes on all of the tracks (it's impossible, as no tracks "lock"). Which kind of leads into the second thing I'm seeing people say...


2. "Two buttons only? No fail? Looks too easy!"


Picking up and playing Rock Band Blitz is easy; that's by design. The barrier to entry for hopping on the game, understanding what is happening, and having fun is intentionally low. We haven't, however, "dumbed down the game." In fact, the multiplier system and power-ups add quite a bit complexity to Rock Band Blitz, something that might not be apparent if you haven't played the game.


You can't fail, but you can totally suck and get a garbage score if you don't play smart. And how you play each song is totally up to you. Will focusing on leveling up track multipliers get you the highest score, or will it be more to your benefit to chase special notes that appear randomly on the track? Do you focus on looking down the lane and seeing where on the tracks there are gems to earn energy (which you can use on deployable power-ups) or do you focus on not missing notes and entering the faster-paced Blitz Mode where you earn bonus points for all of the notes that you hit? What you decide to do is entirely up to you, and even even vary from song to song based on the structures of the track and other variables. (To clarify, you choose up to three power-ups prior to starting a song, as well, and what combinations of power-ups you use to earn the highest scores could be different from song to song.)


Only two buttons? Yup, but I think you'll be thankful that's all you have to worry about with everything else going on. (Lots of playtesting was done to determine the two button scheme; if you're at PAX, come by this panel on Saturday morning for more details, video, etc. around the design of the game.)


Another thing I'll say: when I first saw the game internally, I wasn't doing backflips either. I'm a huge fan of Rock Band and Harmonix's early games. Playing it and understanding how the game mechanics work really changed my mind; I've played it a TON over the past few months, and I'm still excited for the game to release and to start competing with my friends.


But Harmonix pays my salary (and there's a bowl of candy in our HR person's office, which I eat from regularly), so I don't really expect anyone to just take my word for it. If you're at PAX East, come by the booth and play it for yourself: we'll have six kiosks loaded with the announced Rock Band Blitz songs and some DLC. I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks of the game, for sure. We showed it to a bunch of press at GDC behind-closed-doors and the reaction/coverage has been pretty positive across the board. After you've played it, whether you think it's the best thing ever or a total pile of crap, post in this thread and let everyone (and me) know!



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