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Niestety nie. <_<

Ale wygrzebałem cos takiego:


Elite armor/weapons are colour coded as RED (not orange). These can sometimes be purchased in the store but can also be dropped by enemies or found in nodes. They are generally RARE by nature. You can fit loot chance runes to raise your chances (up to 15% max) to acquire these. They are either level 30 or level 50.


Level 50 epic armor sets



Rage plate skull helm

Merciless heart of rage

Bringers of rage

maulers of rage

nimble shanks of rage

crushing heels of rage



Helm of a venerated GrĂŚöari (not a joke its really of GrĂŚöari)

Pauldrons of venerated GrĂŚöari

benders of venerated GrĂŚöari

Blessed touch of venerated GrĂŚöari

pillars of venerated GrĂŚöari

venerated GrĂŚöari buskins



Crown of fallen kings

heart of fallen kings

arms of fallen kings

gauntlets of fallen kings

leggings of fallen kings

heel irons of fallen kings


Deathless Shrikes gleaming eye

tactical hauber of deathless shrike

embrace of the deathless shrike

the black hands of the Shrike

jackknife leggings of the Shrike

suresteps of the deathless shrike


sentinels sacred mindguard

sentinels baleful heart casing

sentinels gilded bracers

sentinels noble hand

senrinels sacred shanks

sentinels exalted boots





desecrators rictus mask

hollow heart of the desecrator

the desecrators reach

grips of the desecrator

spectral pillars of the desecrator

desecrators enraged footings


Bio Engineer

mainframe of the flesh architect

the flesh architects sterile core

the flesh architects grim reach

the flesh architects digiclaws

metal-shanks of the flesh architect

balance augment of the flesh architect



tattooed scalp-plate of the undying huscarl

the huscarls metalskin-byrnie

undying pauldrons

metalskin grip of the huscarl

forged spirit mobility gears

forged stabilization gears



skolls bloodied grim-helm

caustic chassis of skoll

strength of skoll

red claws of skoll

mobility chassis of skoll

skolls traction pads



the wards great helm

sacred hull of the ward

sacred vambraces of annulment

the wards grips

sacred ambulatory constructs

the wards stabilization pads


Znalazłem to tutaj.

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