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Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Guest Kyo

Poziom trudności Trofeów.  

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  1. 1. Jak oceniasz poziom trudno?ci Trofeów w Wanted: Weapons of Fate?

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I am in control

Complete the 1st Tutorial


I have it in my blood

Complete the 2nd Tutorial


No more anxiety attacks

Complete the 3rd Tutorial


Completed Act 1 - Easy

Complete Act 1 - Easiest Difficulty


Completed Act 2 - Easy

Complete Act 2 - Easiest Difficulty


Completed Act 3 - Easy

Complete Act 3 - Easiest Difficulty


Completed Act 4 - Easy

Complete Act 4 - Easiest Difficulty


Completed Act 5 - Easy

Complete Act 5 - Easiest Difficulty


Completed Act 6 - Easy

Complete Act 6 - Easiest Difficulty


Completed Act 7 - Easy

Complete Act 7 - Easiest Difficulty


Completed Act 8 - Easy

Complete Act 8 - Easiest Difficulty


Ready to play with the big boys

Complete Act 9 - Easiest Difficulty


Completed Act 1 - Assassin

Complete Act 1 - Assassin Difficulty


Completed Act 2 - Assassin

Complete Act 2 - Assassin Difficulty


Completed Act 3 - Assassin

Complete Act 3 - Assassin Difficulty


Completed Act 4 - Assassin

Complete Act 4 - Assassin Difficulty


Completed Act 5 - Assassin

Complete Act 5 - Assassin Difficulty


Completed Act 6 - Assassin

Complete Act 6 - Assassin Difficulty


Completed Act 7 - Assassin

Complete Act 7 - Assassin Difficulty


Completed Act 8 - Assassin

Complete Act 8 - Assassin Difficulty


Completed Act 1 - The Killer

Complete Act 1 - The Killer Difficulty


Completed Act 2 - The Killer

Complete Act 2 - The Killer Difficulty


Completed Act 3 - The Killer

Complete Act 3 - The Killer Difficulty


Completed Act 4 - The Killer

Complete Act 4 - The Killer Difficulty


Completed Act 5 - The Killer

Complete Act 5 - The Killer Difficulty


Completed Act 6 - The Killer

Complete Act 6 - The Killer Difficulty


Completed Act 7 - The Killer

Complete Act 7 - The Killer Difficulty


Completed Act 8 - The Killer

Complete Act 8 - The Killer Difficulty


Collector Nerd

Find 10 reward items


Kill one, save a thousand Donuts

Kill Janice, ex-boss


Half the man Barry is

Kill Kathy, ex-girlfriend


Bullet Curving Trainee

Kill 10 enemies using Curved Bullets


Shrapnel Storm Trainee

Kill 10 enemies using Bullet Explosions



Kill one explosive rat


Up close and personal

Kill 15 enemies in close combat





Fully trained assassin

Complete Act 9 - Assassin Difficulty





The Killer

Complete Act 9 - The Killer Difficulty





Wanted Master

Got all Wanted trophies!








Compulsive Hoarder

Find all reward items


Two is always better than one

Kill 2 enemies at once with a single Curved Bullet


Glad I wasn't there

Kill 3 enemies at once with a single Explosive Bullet


All in the reflexes

Kill 3 enemies at once in a single eQM




Pest Exterminator

Kill all explosive rats


Bullet Curving Expert

Kill 100 enemies using Curved Bullets


Shrapnel Storm Expert

Kill 80 enemies using Bullet Explosions


Heart Breaker

Kill Arana with Wesley without mask on The Killer Difficulty


Between Old Friends

Kill The Immortal with Cross on The Killer Difficulty


Punishing Subordinates

Kill The Russian with The Immortal in close combat and The Killer Difficulty


Butcher would be proud

Complete the game in "Close Combat Mode", any difficulty


Dr. Lobotomy

Complete the game in "Headshot Mode", any difficulty




Catch me if you can

1st position in "Time Attack" Ranking


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