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Red Faction: Guerrilla


Poziom trudności Trofeów  

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  1. 1. Jak oceniasz poziom trudno?ci Trofeów w Red Faction: Guerrilla

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Welcoming Committee - Complete the Tutorial mission.

Spread the Word - Liberate Parker Sector.

Death From Above - Liberate Dust Sector.

Friendly Skies - Liberate Badlands Sector.

Don't Tread On Me - Liberate Oasis Sector.

Coup D'etat - Liberate Eos Sector.

Insurgent - Complete 5 Guerrilla Actions.

Guerrilla - Complete 25 Guerrilla Actions.

Freedom Fighter - Complete 50 Guerrilla Actions.

Clean and Righteous! - Destroy 5 High Importance targets.

Warp Speed - Beat all Transporter Pro times.

Got Any Fingers Left? - Beat all Pro times in Demolitions Master.

Lost Memories - Locate all missing radio tags.

Working the Land - Mine all ore locations.

Free Your Mind - Destroy all instances of propaganda.

One Man Army - Complete 25 killing sprees during the Campaign.

Broken Supply Line - Destroy 250 EDF supply crates.

Power to the People - Raise the Morale of 3 sectors to 100%.

Tank Buster - Blow up 100 small hydrogen tanks.

Coming Down! - Destroy 50 EDF owned buildings.

Freed Space - Destroy 50 EDF flyers.

Just the Beginning - Win a Matchmaking match.

Start of Something Special - Play 5 Matchmaking matches.

Doing Your Part - Kill 10 enemies in a Matchmaking Match.

Juggernaut - Destroy a Siege target.

Doozer - Reconstruct a Damage Control target.

Grab Some Popcorn - Enter Spectator mode and enjoy the show!

Try Anything Once - Finish a match in every mode.

Check Your Map - Finish a match on every map in Multiplayer.

Tools of the Trade - Score a kill with every weapon in Multiplayer.

Field Tested - Earn 1,000 XP in Multiplayer.

Battle Scarred - Earn 10,000 XP in Multiplayer.

A Winner is You! - Win 250 matchmaking games.

Topher Would Be Proud - Play 250 matchmaking games.

Courier of Pain - Score 5,000 kills in Multiplayer.

Experimenter - Complete 4 hidden challenges in Multiplayer.

Detective - Complete 8 hidden challenges in Multiplayer.

Jack of all Trades - Score 10 kills while wearing each backpack.

The High and Mighty - Kill a flying opponent using a remote charge stuck to them.

Party Time - Play all Wrecking Crew modes once.

Can't Get Enough - Play every mode on all maps in Wrecking Crew.

Wrecking Ball - Score 25 million points worth of destruction in Wrecking Crew.



Martian Tea Party - Complete 2 missions for the Red Faction.

Revolutionary - Complete all Guerilla Actions.

Disaster Area - Destroy 1 billion credits worth of EDF property.

Best Friends Forever - Kill 100 EDF with the sledgehammer during the Campaign.

Mad Genius - Complete 16 hidden challenges in Multiplayer.



Red Dawn - Liberate Mars.

War Veteran - Earn 100,000 XP in Multiplayer.

Red Dawn - Play online with another player who has completed the Campaign.



Red Faction: Guerrilla - Unlock all Trophies in Red Faction: Guerrilla


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Top Posters In This Topic

Guest Kyo

Pucharki do DLC




Brąz: :3pl:


Bound in Blood

Complete Rescue.


Tumbling Down

Beat all Pro times in Mariner Valley Demo Masters and Transporters.


Mobile Bombs

Destroy 100 EDF vehicles.


Structural Integrity

Destroy all Medium and High Priority Targets in Mariner Valley.


Purge the Valley

Break the EDF Control of the Mariner Valley.


Ares' Bloodlust

Destroy the 4 Marauder War Totems.


The Power of One

Collect 75 Marauder Power Cells.


Srebro: :2pl:


Family Vengeance

Complete Retribution.


A Greater Purpose

Complete Redemption.


Deliverance Defender

Complete Marauder Actions.


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Guest szpic

też miałem ten problem ale po 1h jeżdżenia w północnej części mapy wreszcie pojawił mi się typ do ścigania

spoko ja nie moge zrobic czasówki bo sobie most rozwalilem xD

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też miałem ten problem ale po 1h jeżdżenia w północnej części mapy wreszcie pojawił mi się typ do ścigania

spoko ja nie moge zrobic czasówki bo sobie most rozwalilem xD


Na pro time może być problem, ale normalnie da się bez mostów. Nie kieruj się zawsze tymi strzałkami na podłodze, niepokazują optymalnej drogi. Gdyby nie było możliwe ukończenie tych misji bez mostów bylby to poważny błąd projektowy. ;]


Po za tym po przejsciu gry, spwanują się niektóre punkty kontrolne czy obozy. Wszystkie mosty też. Pokazują się też wszystkie dotychczas niezrobione i ominięte Guerrilla Actions (konwoje, listonosz itd. też, ale tak jak wcześniej, gra je losuje co określony przedzial czasowy).

Edited by Berion
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