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MAX DAMAGERMANY-29th-30th August-Frankfurt.Germany

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Hi, It´s SabreDabre from Germany. ^^:P


In collaboration with the official TekkenTreff tournament Prosabrigal Productions (Sabri Badri and Ryan Hart) are proud to present Max Damagermany.


This event will consist of the 4 games listed below



Tekken DR

Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike


Format Designation


Format Designation will be as follows:

BlazBlue - PS3

Tekken DR - PS3

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike - PS2

Street Fighter 4 - PS3 or XBOX please vote on this


Tourney Format


The format for Street Fighter IV and Tekken DR will be the same and will begin with groups and then a double elimination knockout stage.


The format for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and BlazBlue will begin with groups and then a single elimination knockout stage, however if there is time on the day we will change these events to double elimination tournaments also.



Tournament Rules - The following rules apply to all games and the venue itself


• We ask that all players conduct themselves in a professional, organised and responsible manner whilst at the venue



• We would appreciate if players did not consume alcohol on site and if smokers could smoke in designated smoking areas only



• Please do not disappear when you know you will have to play soon as this will prolong the tournament and we will be up against the clock like all tournaments



• Be a sportsman and shake your opponents hand before or after the match to maintain a good vibe in the tournament. I can appreciate that you are all there to win but you are all also there to have fun and enjoy yourselves too



• Buttons are to be set before the match for all games, group organisers should supervise this



• No physical or verbal distracting of opponents during matches. This will result in match forfeit



• If any player has an issue he should consult the group supervisor and try to come to an arrangement, if this is not possible then consult Sabri for a second opinion. Prodigal Son's word will be final but he will probably go with whatever Sabri decides



• Button binding is allowed



• Turbo functions are not allowed



• All kinds of wireless pads are banned, for six axis pads the batteries must be removed. Pads will be verified on entry



• Characters can only be changed when you lose, the winner must remain with the same character



• Players are welcome to opt for blind pick if they wish in order being counter picked



• If there are disputes regarding sides this can be resolved with rock, paper, scissors or a coin toss




Rules 2 - Individual Game Settings




Single Elimination (Until further notice)

99 Seconds

Best of 3 rounds per game

Group Stage: Best of 3 games, best of 3 rounds

Knockout Stage: Best of 3 games, best of 3 rounds

Grand Finals: TBC

(As this game is new rules may be modified at a later stage)


Tekken DR


Double Elimination

99 Seconds

Best of 5 rounds per game

Group Stage: Best of 3 games, best of 5 rounds

Knockout Stage: Best of 3 games, best of 5 rounds

Grand Finals: TBC

No Mokujin or Jinpachi


Street Fighter IV


Double Elimination

99 Seconds

Group Stage: Best of 1 game, best of 5 rounds

Knockout Stage: Best of 3 games, best of 3 rounds

Grand Finals: TBC

All Characters Allowed


Street Fighter 3 Third Strike


Single Elimination (Until further notice)

99 Seconds

Best of 3 rounds per game

Group Stage: Best of 3 games, best of 3 rounds

Knockout Stage: Best of 3 games, best of 3 rounds

Grand Finals: TBC

No Gill




The address for the tournament is here: Friedberger Landstraße 175, Nordend-Ost 60389 Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen

Here is the website of the venue: http://drum-buster.de

Location pictures here: http://drum-buster.de/index.php?option=com...ry&Itemid=6

Small map of the location: http://drum-buster.de/index.php?option=com...=3&Itemid=3


Travel Info


From UK: Ryanair: With tax included the flights are currently 12 pounds.


More info coming soon




We kindly ask if players would be able to support us with equipment for the event. Please post here if you can help us with TV's, consoles or games. We really need your help. Thank you


Prize System - The prize structure has been decided as follows


If we have 128 players:

1st: 800 Euros

2nd: 400 Euros

3rd: 200 Euros

4th: 100 Euros


If we have 64 players:

1st: 400 Euros

2nd: 200 Euros

3rd: 100 Euros

4th: 50 Euros


If we have 32 players

1st: 200 Euros:

2nd: 100 Euros

3rd: 50 Euros

4th: 25 Euros



If we have 16 players:

1st: 100 Euros

2nd: 50 Euros

3rd: 25 Euros

4th: 12 Euros and a shiny 50 cent coin :)


Accomodation - Info coming soon


The tournament will be on the 29th - 30th August but it won't really be two whole days. The tourney will start at around 3pm on the 29th and simply spill over to the 30th wrapping the last of the freeplay up and leaving the venue at around 6:00am


If you need a place to stay some players living around the Frankfurt area are open to hosting and have kindly offered to do so. However this is on a first come, first serve basis and I imagine places are sparse so please state in your post if you will need a place to stay.




We appreciate that freeplay is also a nice and important part of tournaments however with 4 games on the list our main objective is to get through the tournaments as quickly and smoothly as possible to leave enough time for freeplay at the end. There will of course be some freeplay during the tourneys but we cannot guarantee how much freeplay and how many setups we will have for each game. In total we plan to have 20 TV's to share between all the games.


Entry Fee


Entry into the venue is free and entry for each game will be 15 Euros


Sign ups


Please state your gaming name/nickname/handle here and list which games you would like to parti(pipi)ate in below. Thank you

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hi, guys.


@Matt: hey really cool to have u and your brother in Damagermany ^^. This one will be BETTER than giessen ;) .


@Alik: hey u must come too ^^ . maybe u and some players can rent a car and then come to frankfurt. thats what we usually do when we went to UT in Paris. how much cost the trains?! warzawa to frankfurt?!


@All: 10 days since we announced the DamagermanY Tournament, and we already have over 50 Players in Tekken DR and over 30 Players in SF4 who signed up. And the coolest thing that over 30 UK players did already book and are coming and parti(pipi)ating in all tournaments. At this stage, we are estimating to recieve at least 100 Players for tekken, 64 Players for SF4, and 20-30 Players each for Blazblue and 3rd Strike.


Here u can C the FULL players list in the table.

---> Sign up List


if i forgot mentionning someone in the list, then please inform me here.

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hi guys!

the Tournament is in few days. here are the sign up List


tekken DR


1- Pascha

2- Tolga

3- SabreDabre

4- Prodigal Son

5- Rikimaru [iT]

6- D4V3

7- Mazuya

8- aresONE

9- Tekkenizer

10- Kazanova

11- Ceb

12- 4D4M

13- Spirit

14- Cobra Commander [uK]

16- Snaker

17- Resu

18- MAD

19- Szyper [PL]

20- Major Hassenfuß

21- Grießgram

22- Karaba

23- vangiang

24- [WCL]OCV

25- Steven Caine

26- Shiva

27- cooler_name

28- Dragon

29- sam

30- ENHEAS [iT]

31- Azuya

32- Bode [iT]

33- Starscream [uK]

34- Steve88 [iT]

35- Thechef [uK]

36- Lakitu [uK]

37- HoPi

38- Matt-JF [PL]

39- Devil [PL]

40- Lightning

41- Flaming

42- KazMisMas

43- gamer [PL]

44- Zen

45- DarkScorpion

46- Funky Button

47- Erdalista

48- JRX [uK]

49- Harry [uk]

50- kazuya vs jin [uK]

51- Yun [PL]

52- Bob in der Bahn [AT]

53- beat_beast

54- Zorro

55- Diwan

56- Djangie

57- Adamyte

58- Katanablade84

59- Harry Potter [iT]

60- kazuya vs jin [uK]

61- onkorhona [iT]

62- Alik [PL]


64- Odin3d

65- Fastlegs [uK]

66- Math law [TR]

67- Kazu-Yoshi-girl [PL]

68- Jide [uK]

69- Shenron (Rodney) [uK]

70- DarkStep [uK]

71- ZeroEX [uK]

72- TSG

73- Sirranzelot aka CapAbuse

74- Reflex

75- Plastikbrot

76- habib

77- shrouwehkuggah

78- mehteran

79- stumpf85

80- zorros cousin

81- shinra

82- Gyzmo

83- Resu

84- NeoNinja [bE]

85- Master Vhd [bE]

86- Tsubasa [bE]

87- takeshi [bE]

88- Ironjin

89- Jill

90- Dohan

91- K-Gee_Srbija_OF







SF 4



1- SabreDabre

2- Prodigal Son

3- D4V3

4- Chunkis [uK]

5- Spirit


7- Sho

8- TastyC [uK]

9- ThePrince [uK]

10- Tsunami

11- Thechef [uK]

12- zero2000 [uK]

13- Rockman [uK]

14- Lakitu [uK]

15- HoPi

16- Banker KingAlo

17- Matt-JF [PL]

18- gamer [PL]

19- Carter

20- Dracula

21- malgani85

22- dawgtanian [uK]

23- C IV [uK]

24- F-Word [uK]

25- Damien [uK]

26- Cuongster [uK]

27- Yun [PL]

28- chillcut

29- Schoko

30- thomson

31- Kneero [uK]

32- Zak [uK]

33- sh1Ndololololo

34- Samson [uSA]

35- BeauCarigan

36- Idate

37- christoph

38- tomek

39- Bizzle [uK]

40- [JSD]Uchiha

41- El Carpeto [uK]

42- Ramzi [uK]

43- RMZ [uK]

44- Hades of Polygon

45- DanteX

46- Dominik jo

47- Groovy[NET]

48- TNC[NET]

49- shinjo

50- demulant

51- [JSD]Faust

52- Eternalbomb

53- reaper2507

54- Maresuke

55- Kikunusuke

56- voaddi

57- NeoNinja [bE]

58- Master Vhd [bE]

59- Tsubasa [bE]

60- takeshi [bE]









1- Rikimaru [iT]


3- TastyC [uK]

4- zero2000 [uK]

5- Rockman [uK]

6- Lakitu [uK]

7- ekuah

8- Mokujin

9- Dizlord

10- Prodigal Son

11- exe

12- Cuongster [uK]

13- AtTheGates

14- Tsunami[NET]

15- Groovy[NET]

16- shinjo

17- demulant

18- shoto









3rd Strike


1- Prodigal Son

2- Chunkis [uK]


4- ThePrince [uK]

5- Thechef [uK]

6- zero2000 [uK]

7- Matt-JF [PL]

8- Mokujin

9- Rakurai[uK]

10- C IV [uK]

11- Damien [uK]

12- Cuongster [uK]

13- Zak [uK]

14- RMZ [uK]

15- popeye

16- shinjo

17- demulant

18- [JSD]Faust

19- Kikunusuke

20- shoto







The cash Prices will as followed (if the number of players doesnt decrease)


for Tekken DR


1rst- 500 euro + Trophy

2nd- 250 euro

3rd- 100 euo

4th- 50 euro


for SF4


1rst- 400 euro + Trophy

2nd- 200 euro

3rd- 100 euo

4th- 50 euro


for BB


1st: 100 Euros + Trophy

2nd: 50 Euros

3rd: 25 Euros

4th: 15 Euros


for 3rd Strike:


1st: 150 Euros + Trophy

2nd: 75 Euros

3rd: 40 Euros

4th: 20 Euros


if the number of the players increase, the prices will increase also.


please try to confirm if u are coming.

For those who want to come on Friday. there will be a big casual session on friday in the Tournament Venue from 18:00 till 23:00. all UK players, as well as harry potter, rikimaru, belgians, austrians and some germans confirmed to come. after the session, we organised one Hostel near to the venue for the event, and all players will stay in that hostel, and the session will continue there. for the Damagermany Players, the night costs only 18 euro incl. Breakfast. If u are interesed to come friday , please let me know.


c ya guys ^^

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Hi guys, I just recieved an answer from Atari, and they want to call me tomorrow. I don´t know what they will tell me but there is a chance that we will have Tekken 6 Stations on Damagermany and maybe the first Tekken 6 Tournament in Europe. Stay tuned.

I´ll inform asap i have the call.




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Too bad we got tournament in Poland, same weekend : /





1. ATG (AtTheGates)

2. Cuongster

3. Naoki


Street Fighter 4:


1. Prodigal Son (Sagat)

2. Zak (Boxer)

3. Cuongster (Honda)




1er Bode (IT) Julia

2d Harry Potter (IT) Heiachi

3rd Rikimaru (IT) XIaoyu

4rd NeoNinja (BE) Nina,Steve,Paul

5-6 Starscream (UK) Hwoarang / SabreDabre (DE) Asuka

7-8 Cobra Commander (UK) Law / Ryan Hart (UK) Kazuya

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