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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut


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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut officially announced for Wii U

Product Information

The Director's Cut offers a full slate of Wii U GamePad features including touch-screen hacking, interactive map editing, augmented sniping, grenade throwbacks and many other neural hub enhancements. Along with in-depth Miiverse integration, the Director's Cut also provides access to developer commentaries and in-game guides.

Tongs's Rescue mission and the entire Missing Link chapter have also been integrated seamlessly into the narrative flow of the Director's Cut. Other core Deus Ex: Human Revolution augmentations include overhauled boss fights, refined game balance and combat, improved AI, and striking visual improvements which make this edition the best looking and most immersive Deus Ex experience available.



Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for Wii U confirmed, and yes, they've fixed the boss battles

-Each of the game's three boss fights have had their map layouts reworked to provide players with alternative potential strategies. New hacking challenges are available to players who focus on hacking, and stealth options are available to those who focus on stealth. You can now kill the bosses without firing a single bullet

-On Wii U the energy system has been made more forgiving by allowing for two energy cells to recharge by default on all but the hardest difficulty. This should mean players use Jensen's augmentation powers more freely.--So now, on Wii U, you can use the GamePad to see enemy health, armour type (heavy, medium or light) and loot. The idea is this will let players plan their moves better; by checking loot you'll be able to identify a target who is carrying a pocket secretary, which may contain the code for a locked door you're after, or decide not to go into a room because it's packed with heavies with loads of hit points.

-You can also use the GamePad to navigate the menus, to display the map, the augmentation system, the inventory and all the rest. "All the systems are now linked to the Neural Hub," Dugas continues. "All your maps, your inventory, your augmentation menu, your mission log, are now systems in Adam Jensen.

-There are swipe controls, too. One new feature, called grenade throwback, allows Jensen to equip a proximity detector that alerts him to a nearby grenade. So, if an enemy chucks a grenade at you, the GamePad will vibrate, and you can swipe the touch-screen to pick it up and lob it back.

-You can also use the touch-screen for the hacking mini-game, using your fingers to progress, and to punch in codes. Meanwhile, for weapons that have a scope, such as the sniper rifle, you can use your telly to centre on your target, then enter a precision mode using the touch-screen, which displays the cross-hair.

-Included in this "ultimate package" is all of the DLC, but it has been retrofitted to slot seamlessly into the main game. The Missing Link DLC is now included in the main story rather than separated out, and the pre-order bonus mission to rescue Tong's son is popped in, too.

-There's Half-Life 2-style director's commentary, what amounts to some eight hours of chat from Eidos Montreal developers. Icons dotted around the world can activate this voice over, and you're free to continue playing as you listen.

Eidos Montreal was keen to improve the graphics for the Wii U version, too. The visuals seen in The Missing Link DLC had more of an impact, Dugas says, than those in the main game, because the developers were more comfortable with their tools when they came to create them. And so, The Missing Link benefited from work done to the game's shaders, which had the knock on effect of making environmental reflections on textures were better. And the lighting system was revamped to be based on an interpretation of a formula used by real world architects during the building planning stage to simulate how light will bounce around an environment. All the visual effects seen in The Missing Link were applied to the main game for the Director's Cut.

"It's much sharper," Dugas says. "There are more nuances between the light and dark places."

You might also notice a new fog system that, according to Pedneault, "makes the atmosphere really stand out". Shadows that were choppy have been smoothed, Dugas says. "It makes a big difference."

Pedneault insists these improvements wouldn't be possible on Xbox 360 simply because there's not enough disc space available. Neither, Dugas says, would the anti-aliasing, which wasn't present in the other console versions but is in the Wii U version.

"It's more powerful on the Wii U," Dugas says. "Even some of the graphics that were improved already on the 360 for The Missing Link, we were able to go a little bit farther with the Wii U, just because of the hardware. In terms of the shadows, which are smoothed out, it's much different than the Xbox version."


As you would expect from a Director’s Cut, this ultimate Deus Ex experience also features approximately 8 hours of director's commentaries and a 45 minute “Making Of” video. The official strategy guide is also included in-game and can be accessed through the Wii U Gamepad Neural Hub at any time. Never miss a praxis kit again!

The Wii U GamePad also brings some impressive new features, including the ability to record your very own “Infologs” containing screenshots, voice recordings, drawing or typed notes as you progress through the game. You can even share your personal infologs through the Miiverse with your friends. And, most impressively, you can play Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut entirely on the GamePad – no TV required! Never be interrupted again!


Więcej informacji :


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Przykład levelu i walki z bossem na Wii U:


Jakoś nie tego się spodziewałem. Przez "możesz nie oddać nawet jednego strzału" trzeba rozumieć "wieżyczka po shackowaniu zabije bossa za ciebie". No ale zawsze coś, i "tylko" trzy lata po premierze oryginału. Idealne dla tych pięciu osób, które HR jeszcze nie ukończyły.


Inna sprawa, że Directors Cut pojawi się też na innych platformach. Niestety boję się, że w formie płatnego DLC.

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Nie grał, gdyż DC jeszcze nie wyszedł. A wygląda tak samo jak parę lat temu, z tą różnicą, że dodali bzdurne wykorzystanie pada WiiU.


Faktem jest, że to pierwszy Deus Ex na konsolę Nintendo, ale naprawdę nie widzę na to kupców, nie tylko biorąc pod uwagę ogólną "popularność" konsoli, ale także właśnie fakt, że większość zainteresowanych pewnie grę już ukończyło. No i warto wspomnieć, że Director's Cut trafi także na resztę platform - jedyne co oferuje Wii U to ten ekranik na padzie. A prawdę mówiąc patrzeć nie mogłem na te powolne i anemiczne obracanie postaci z filmiku... Granie padem w FPP to dla mnie nieporozumienie, a tu jeszcze jakieś dotykowe obsługiwanie inventory i inne zbędne bajery... Nie dziękuję.

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