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Ar no Surge (GUST, PS3)


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Gust have been busy with New Atelier Rorona, but However, fans of Ar Tonelico and Ciel no Surge will also have something to look forward to, as this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveals that their upcoming title, Ar no Surge, will be some sort of mix between the two games.
According to the magazine report, the game will be a RPG directed by Akira Tsuchiya, known for directing the three Ar Tonelico games, along with Ar Tonelico and Phantasy Star Universe illustrator “ntny” as the character designer
The world of Ar no Surge will revolve around magic and the power of thoughts. Flight Unit, the studio that has worked on several of Gust’s graphics and animation will create high quality models for the game. Their work will emphasize lighting and shading of the game’s sci-fi fantasy setting, with extra detail on metallic textures.
While the name Ar no Surge is indeed a combination of the two franchises, Ar Tonelico and Ciel no Surge, the relation between the games have not been revealed. However, the magazine reports that the language spoken in the world will be the same as the one from Ciel no Surge and the story will take place at a different time in the same world.
The protagonist is a young man named Delta Lantanoil, who appeared after Felion’s partition wall was opened. He has been protecting the town from Sharl, as part of the elite forces called “PLASM”. After a certain incident, he was discharged from the group, and is currently running a diner. His partner Acies is some sort of humanoid weapon.
The planet La Ciela is where the Genomes lived. The Sharl use song magic to kidnap the humans who have no means of communication. Meanwhile, after the partition wall opened, someone who lost the ability to perform ancient song magic appears. There’s also a certain township that has ancients who’ve awakened from cold-sleeps living together with the modern people. There’s a heaven ruler princess who governs Felion, a town where humans reside.
Ar no Surge will be an orthodox RPG that is split between three parts of towns, field and battle. However, the battle system will be a something of a hybrid system that uses turn-based command battles. The heroine character will use song magic from the back, while the protagonist protects her while fighting in the frontline. There will be some sort of action element to the battles, including a “Defend” system, according to Dengeki PlayStation.
You’ll be switching between Delta and Acies as you progress through the scenario and explore dungeons. There will also be a special feature that can be accessed through internet connectivity.
Finally, there’s a system that involves a person’s heart, called the “Genometric System”. This system will be used to power up the characters. Additionally, there will also be a synthesis system, that Gust games have been known for having.
Ar no Surge is slated for release on January 30, 2014, for PlayStation 3.



Ciekawa hybryda dla ortodoksyjnych fanów jrpg.

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Ciekawe co z tego wyjdzie, grałem troszkę w Ciel i gra nawet ok :D elementy z "divingiem" w podświadomość Ion to takie wypisz wymaluj momenty z ar tonelico... niestety gra podłączała się do japońskich serwerów i u nas jest praktycznie nie grywalna od pewnego momentu, bo Ion chodzi spać kiedy w Polsce do spania się nie chodzi ;p


Ale schodzę z tematu...


Czekam na więcej wiadomości odnośnie tej kolaboracji.... ;p

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Troszkę się tego wysypie to fakt. Mi do szczęścia póki co wystarczy Dark Souls 2 i (jak stanieje) Atelier Esha&Logy. Potem już tylko czekać na Witcher 3 i Personę 5.

A ten Ar no Surge też się ciekawie zapowiada choć aż takiego ciśnienia nie mam by to kupować. Może jak ogram moje priorytety i znajdzie się czas na kolejnego rpg'a to się zakupi.

Szkoda, że te Legend of Heroes na PS3 nie ma szans na wydanie w ang wersji bo gierka mnie swego czasu zaciekawiła :(

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