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Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2

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Premiera 28 października.


Producto i Zabójczy Michał wracają po prawie rocznej przerwie. Pierwszy album jest już klasykiem i królował na wszelkich zestawieniach. Co zaś będzie z drugą odsłoną? Czy rozpierdoli? A może tylko rozjebie?

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01 Jeopardy
02 Oh My Darling Don't Cry
03 Blockbuster Night Part 1
04 Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck) [ft. Zack de la Rocha]
05 All My Life
06 Lie, Cheat, Steal
07 Early [ft. Boots]
08 All Due Respect [ft. Travis Barker]
09 Love Again (Akinyele Back)
10 Crown [ft. Diane Coffee]
11 Angel Duster

15 września singiel z De La Rochą.

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kawalek z typem od ratm to bedzie sztos, czekam w ogole na plytke z reka w wiadomym miejscu

pierwsze rtj rozy(pipi)ylo

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numer z lawakiem ma potencjał do bycia kosą.

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El-P will remake Run The Jewels’ RTJ2 using only cat noises if this Kickstarter proves successful


…and the internet duly eats itself. 

Earlier this week, El-P / Killer Mike team-up Run The Jewels announced full details of their forthcoming RTJ2 freebie LP. Alongside the usual platter of special editions and deluxe physical versions, the pair announced a stash of goofball bespoke packages for their wealthier fans.

Highlights included the $100,000 Fuck Boy Revenge Package (“Run The Jewels will fly to your town, stalk and ultimately take revenge upon anyone in your life who has ever wronged you through”); the $150,000 We Are Gordon Ramsey Package (“Run The Jewels will self produce a new episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey, with Mike and El both playing Gordon Ramsey.”); and, silliest of all, the $40,000 Meow The Jewels Package, wherein El-P promised to remake the album in full using only cat noises.

As Pitchfork report, a fan has now set up a Kickstarter to try and make Meow the Jewels a reality. In response, El-P has publicly sworn that he will make the album if the campaign reaches its $40,000 target. All money and profits from the record will be donated to charity. Backers are in line for some tantalising feline-themed gifts: an autographed copy of Meow The Jewels; the chance to have your cat’s mewing featuring on the record; MTJ catnip; and assorted mog-oriented bumpf.

They’ve still some way to go: the total is currently sitting on just over $2,500. Fingers and paws crossed!

Update: El-P has confirmed via Twitter that monies raised from the record will be donated “somewhere that will directly benefit the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown,” two young men who were recently shot and killed by Police in the USA.

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Jakbym miał 100 tysi, to przylatują do mnie na imprezę, to byłoby piękne.

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Szkoda troszke, ze prawie wszystkie najlepsze numery puscili jako single. Z tego co nie bylo wczesniej, to najmocniej mnie 'lie, cheat, steal' rozpie,rdolilo

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Cała płytka jak dla mnie rozpie.rdol totalny, w sumie to nawet nie spodziewałem się, że będzie aż tak dobrze. Na ten moment bez piernięcia album of the year, no ale pod koniec roku konkurencja będzie mocna

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