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Kung Fu Panda


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"This is much easier done after beating the game and getting "Ultimate Dragon Warrior" since you will have all your skills upgraded. Do this on the training level with all the time trials (level 3). The key to beating this without getting hit is using ground pound. If it is upgraded all the way, you will pretty much destroy half of the room. The only part that gives you trouble is the last time trial when you have to pass the spinning blades to go the second floor (take the side to the right of the door, when facing it. the other side is much harder). Besides that, should be really easy for you."


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A jak konkretnie wygląda robienie achiva "Invincible' ? (50 GS - Made it through the entire game without dying).


Czytałem podane przez was poradniki i piszą że jak zgon się zdarzy to wczytać sejwa. Ale nie rozumiem tego, trzeba od początku level wgrać? No bo sejw sam się wczytuje przecież po zgonie i wtedy gramy z dyingiem.

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