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jeśli to jest w gruncie rzeczy zwykły sim ala rollercoaster tycoon to mało mnie to interesuje bo nie przepadam za takimi grami, ale z tego zwiastuna (głównie dzięki muzyce) wylewa się strasznie pokręcony klimat. sprawia wrażenia jakby gra polegała na eksperymentach kosztem żyć tysięcy niczego nieświadomych ofiar.

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Guest DonSterydo

ScreamRide is three games in one

A summary of ScreamRide states that it combines three core gameplay elements – creation, action, and destruction – to form one addictive game. Players can create coasters and theme park rides based on their imagination, use their skills as a pilot to steer their character through the courses, share their creations with friends, and then destroy everything in sight with “phenomenal physics and deafening destruction”.

After combining these different elements of gameplay, Frontier Developments have provided a Level Maker editing tool, three unique game modes, and hundreds of props – including ride pieces and scenery – with which to construct the world around them. To interact with all this, ScreamRide features three playable roles in the form of different game modes – an Engineer, a Scream Rider, and a Demolition Expert. While the titles sound self-explanatory, the details are a little more interesting.

Meet the Engineer

Playing as the Engineer allows gamers to create complex and awe-inspiring coasters and rides, choosing from hundreds of props, ride pieces, and scenery. These rides can be created from the ground-up, and are entirely dependant on the player’s imagination; you can choose what to create and how it plays. What’s more, this actually creates a level of meta-game in which the player must solve their own construction puzzles in order to create the theme park Scream Riders will love and adore.

Pilot your creations as a Scream Rider

Riding as a Scream Rider is essentially the ‘testing’ of the track, with one condition – the more the occupants scream, the better the ride. When taking control of a Scream Rider, players actually pilot the coasters through the potentially dangerous and physics-defying tracks, ensuring that creative imagination can actually become reality (in the game, that is). Users can also share their tracks across Xbox Live or challenge their friends to master particular courses and climb the leaderboards. This provides an element of social experience, and ensures that there will always be new tracks to play.

Destroy everything as the Demolition Expert

The Demolition Expert is the character that will most likely scratch the itch of every destruction-prone gamer with an Xbox. Put simply, the aim of playing as the Demolition Expert is to cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible, as shown in the trailer. Microsoft reassured that gamers will come up with “interesting ways” to destroy each and every theme park in creation.

Frontier Developments and Microsoft may have struck gold with this title – it presents a fun opportunity to be simultaneously creative and destructive, while also looking absolutely hilarious and surprisingly demanding. One thing I can’t get over from the trailer is their use of physics; it makes the destruction look spectacular, and provides one more reason to pick up this game at launch.

ScreamRide will release in Spring, 2015, for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. It will cost $39.99 and $29.99 (USD), respectively.


Read more: http://www.gamerheadlines.com/2014/08/new-details-on-xbox-exclusive-screamride-social-features-and-mass-destruction/#ixzz3B1SPcSUk

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Guest DonSterydo





ScreamRide—the latest creation from Microsoft Studios and Frontier Developments—is catapulting its way onto Xbox this Spring! Revealed earlier this year at gamescom,ScreamRide reinvents the rollercoaster genre with action and over-the-top destruction as never seen before. 

ScreamRide hosts more than 50 playable levels across the globe, giving players the chance to push the limits of physics and their own creativity through its three gameplay modes: Engineer, ScreamRider and Demolition Expert. Share your original creations on Xbox One*, and compete on global leaderboards on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Releasing in-stores and digitally on March 3 in North and South America, March 5 in Asia** and March 6 in Europe, ScreamRide will be $39.99 on Xbox One and $29.99 on Xbox 360.

We’ll have more to share while you wait for the ride to start, but just know that all of your screams can come true this March, only on Xbox.
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