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Crysis 2

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Jest achievement za wykonanie wszystkich skill killi


First Strike! Be the first person to get a kill when the match starts.

Blind Fury! You have to kill an enemy while you're blinded by a flashbang. It is possible to do on your own. Just get close to an enemy throw the flashbang so you're both blinded and then kill him and it should unlock.

Dead Air! Kill someone while they are in the air.

Specter! Do a silent kill on someone from behind when you are invisible by pushing down on

Headshot! Just get a headshot. Easy.

Triple Kill! Kill three people within seconds of each other. I found it easiest to do on free for all as people tend to group when fighting. Hang out and just blast people when they're near each other.

Psycho! Get five kills in a row within a short time.

Vengeance! Kill the person who just killed you.

Puncture! Shoot someone through something like a wall or bench. I got it by shooting someone through a plant. So pretty easy.

Blinding! Throw a flash grenade at an enemy and then kill them while they're blinded.

Combined Fire! Shoot someone with your primary gun and then switch to your secondary or pistol and finish them off. Doesn't matter the order of which gun you shoot them with.

Road Rage! When you are next to a car you have the option to kick it by pushing the down. I did it by hiding in the little area on top of the parking garage that a lot of people go to snipe or shoot down at people on the street. There are two cars up there so just go up to one and kick it at the person and hopefully it kills them.

Denied! Kill someone who is on a killing streak. Just keep killing anybody you see and you'll eventually get it.

Busted! Kill someone who is cloaked. Pretty easy.

Defiant! You have to kill the person shooting you when your health is in the red state on your screen to get this one.

Smackdown! Hitting an enemy with melee until they die will net you this one.

Double Kill! These are a lot easier than the triple kills. Just kill two people within seconds of each other.

Relentless! Kill four people in succession. You only have a few seconds between each kill.

Resurgence! Just kill someone when you have a death streak going.

Wingman! Protect a teammate.

Guardian! Save a wounded teammate. Just kill an enemy who is busy shooting at one of your teammates.

Flushed! For this one you have to throw a grenade at an enemy to flush them out of hiding. Make sure they don't die from the grenade and immediately shoot them after you throw it.

Intervention! Kill someone preemptively.


można zobaczyć sobie w statystykach w grze jakich skill killi wam brakuje.


Ktoś się piszE na ustawkę? Potrzeba trochę osób, tak gdzieś 5-6.


1. MaZZeo

2. Ins


Przy okazji wpadnie achievement za drużynę skł się z 3 osób.

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Słuchajcie, piszę tutaj bo już mnie wkoorwia to ugadywanie się na liveplay.pl, gdzie pedały się zapisują do spotkania a potem żadnego nie ma online.


Ktoś byłby skłonny do ustawki na achievement Cleaner (wszystkie skill kille)? Potrzeba 5-6 osób.


Termin powiedzmy że w najbliższy piątek, tuż przed weekendem.

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