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Fuse (Overstrike)


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Coś się ruszyło w temacie. Podobno gra zmieniła nazwę na Fuse http://www.fusegame.com/


Więcej info na PPE.


Ktoś jeszcze pamięta OverStrike, które Insomniac Games zapowiedziało na E3 2011? Po prezentacji na targach w Los Angeles w temacie pierwszej multiplatformowej gry twórców Spyro i Restistance zapanowała grobowa cisza. Aż do wczoraj. Podczas swojego panelu na PAX Prime jeden z założycieli Insomniac, Ted Price, zapowiedział nowy tytuł studia, Fuse.




Wedle informacji, w których posiadaniu jest Game Informer, wychodzi na to, że gra jest po prostu przebudowanym OverStrike, co oznacza, że najprawdopodobniej gameplay będzie skonstruowany wokół motywu 4-osobowej kooperacji. Dalsze informacje powinny pojawić się na witrynie fusegame.com, gdy tylko zakończy się odliczanie (12 września). Na razie najeść musimy się jednym, opublikowanym wczoraj screenem. Liczymy na jakiś konkretny zwiastun, bez mydlenia oczu - należy się po ponad roku ciszy.

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Strona gry została zaktualizowana (jest parę screenów i parę suchych informacji). Premiera w marcu (2013).


So, I got to play Fuse (formally OverStrike) at Insomniac Games one week ago today as a part of a “VIP” community event. Here are my impressions:


Right off the bat: Yes, the art direction has changed a little. There has been a minor shift away from the trailer produced by Blur studios. The characters are less accentuated (their features aren’t as pronounced) and enemy designs are a bit more grounded in reality, so to speak. However, the writing and “humor” is still there. The team chatted it up, injecting humor and substance while we blew shit up. This isn’t a dark grim story, but it does appear to be a military romp with some wise cracking team members (from what I’ve seen / played).


Visually, the game looked sharp, much cleaner than past titles (to include R3, A4O, and the recent FFA beta). Particle effects were still zipping around, though there was no motion blur. The art was consistent, though it did feel somewhat lacking in “pop” (colors didn’t seem saturated, that could have been the TV’s). Very solid frame rate, didn’t notice a drop (even when 10 enemies were on screen, guns blazing, and my co-op partners blowing shit up). Animation was pretty good, too. It felt very animated and over the top (like tanky Dalton sprinting, then going all out parkour and scaling a wall to get to the upper level).

  • The game mechanics were really solid and fun. Here’s a break down
  • Movement was typical for a 3rd person shooter, as was the cover system. Cover was sticky, and you could roll in and out of cover, corner walls, and vault obstacles. Holding the “sprint” button would put you in a roadie run a la GeOW, but traversal in sprint mode was really fluid and useful. Hitting a wall would instantly vault you up if you could get to the next level, you’d jump over cover / tables, etc. It felt really great (though left/right movement while sprinting was pretty stiff).
  • Aiming was tight, responsive, and intelligent. I never felt like I was being “sucked in” to enemies or that the game was playing for me, nor did I feel like it should be doing something it wasn’t.

The big draw here is the co-op stuff. If you were into R2, you’ll probably enjoy this 4 player co-op.

  • Skill trees
  • Co-op XP (ex: Shooting through Daltons shield will net you both XP)
  • 4 different “Classes”
  • Tank (Dalten)
  • Healer (Izzy)
  • Sniper (Jacob)
  • Stealth (Naya)
  • Varied enemy waves requiring different co-op tactics

If you’re playing by yourself, you’ll be accompanied by 3 bots. The cool thing is, you can “Leap” from bot to bot on command to take on different situations. Pinned down with Dalton and can’t reach the enemy because you’re out of Ammo? Leap to Jacob and use your ranged shots to take him down. Crystalize a bunch of enemies with Izzy and ran out of ammo to finish them off? Leap into Dalton and blast them with your shield to wipe ‘em all out. It looked super effective, and most of all, sand boxy and fun. We weren’t given the opportunity to play Solo (we played 4 man teams) but the videos we were shown looked really fun. Almost as fun as co-op.


Each character has a unique weapon, and a secondary weapon. The unique weapons are ONLY useable by those characters, however, secondary weapons can be picked up by anyone and used at any time.

  • Dalton: Daltons shield acts as his “Fuse” weapon. It can stop bullets and provide cover for allies. If you get in close, you can send those bullets and energy roaring back at the enemy. If you’re too far, they’ll stumble or get tossed back a few feet, but if you’re close enough, some of them will explode into a bloody pile of gibs.
  • Naya: My favorite. Naya’s weapon shoots out “singularities”, basically tiny black holes. Once you lay enough shots into an enemy, they’ll grow and suck the enemy into them, and eventually collapse and send out a pulse of energy that damages surrounding enemies. If you can manage to shoot a few enemies with spray and pray, you can chain some wicked bursts and wipe a huge crowd. She can also cloak, making her ideal for go-to revival for downed allies.
  • Jacob: I didn’t get to play him, but I did watch a bit. He has what looks like a cross bow that pins enemies to their surroundings and immolates them. There’s also a charge shot that can “melt” enemies into a puddle of hot steamy lava-stuff.
  • Izzy: Izzy’s weapon is great for crowd control. Her ammo crystalizes enemies, and after a few shots they’ll sprout huge crystal pillars that raise them up into the air. A few more shots, and they’ll explode, leaving behind crystals, blood, and gibs. Her alt fire is a crystal that acts as a healing beacon, reviving allies within the “pulse” of the crystal. Very good for fast, long range revival. Also cool: When she crystalizes and enemy, if it makes contact with others they'll get covered in crystals as well, making it extremely effective for crowd control.

There’s also “Fuse” mode. This is basically like a bonus that can be activated by a player (when earned) and it affects the entire team. When in Fuse mode, your Fuse weapons will receive a substancial boost. Naya and Izzy get a massive increase in fire rate (without any overheating), Jacob can melt enemies instantly with one hit, and Dalton can send out an unlimited number of shield bursts that have a sizeable increase in range and damage (picture 10 enemies exploding into pink mist and gibs).

While it might sound like all of this is super OP, we were treated to nearly maxed out characters, so our experience was definitely different (read: easier) than people will likely get at home in the final version.


Grenades were "Fuse" grenades. When you toss one and it detonates, it isn't simply an explosion, rather fuse particles that will fly around the map and seek out enemies. When it comes in contact with them, they disintegrate. There were also canisters of "fuse" littered around the lab we played in. Detonating these would send fuse flying around, and the un-detonated orbs would bound around the map and explode.


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Czyli taką padacką, nie wyróżniającą się niczym koorwa grę z tak żałosną i kompletnie nijaką okładką EA chce wrzucić na marzec gdzie:


a) wyjdzie nowy God of War

b) wyjdą nowe Gearsy

c) EA wydaje również kolejnego generic szuterka Army of Two, który dostanie więcej miejsca i hajsu na marketing


? Oni specjalnie chcą żeby gra sprzedała się w sztukach?


Żal mi Insomniac naprawdę, w co oni się wyebali... to naprawdę musi być ultra dołujące dla nich czytanie tego całego odzewu w internecie :confused:


Niektóre zacne projekty się kasuje z powodu "obaw o słabą sprzedaż", ciekaw jestem czemu EA akurat tutaj widzi pieniądze i zapaliło zielone światło.

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