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Nymphomaniac - 2013 - Lars Von Trier


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premiera w niektórych europejskich krajach już na dniach, w ojczyźnie larsa nawet na gwiazdkę. spływają już pierwsze opinie (kolejno variety, hollywood reporter i guardian):




With his sexually explicit, four-hour magnum opus, “Nymphomaniac,” world cinema’s enfant terrible Lars von Trier re-emerges as its dirty-old-man terrible, delivering a dense, career-encompassing work designed to shock, provoke and ultimately enlighten a public he considers altogether too prudish. Racy subject aside, the film provides a good-humored yet serious-minded look at sexual self-liberation, thick with references to art, music, religion and literature, even as it pushes the envelope with footage of acts previously relegated to the sphere of pornography. Even so, in this cut of “Nymphomaniac,” the only arousal von Trier intends is of the intellectual variety, making this philosophically rigorous picture — which opens abroad on Dec. 25 and domestically in two parts, on March 21 and April 18 — a better fit for cinephiles than the raincoat crowd.




A dour modern Scheherazade keeps her interlocutor up all night telling him about a few of what might well be a thousand and one men in Nymphomaniac. Lars von Trier’s two-part, four-hour sexual epic has been the subject of endless speculation since the perennial controversy hound began signing up name actors for what he advised would be a hard-core account of a very active woman’s sexual life. It is that, although less so than many might have imagined or hoped for. Still, it is never boring and does provoke and stimulate, although not as a turn-on, not remotely. At its core the film represents an intellectual male artist’s arduous, wayward, idiocentric, blunt, naughty-boy attempt to address Freud’s famous question: “What does a woman want?”




How was it for you? How was it for me? Nymphomaniac doesn’t care. It goes about things its own way, in the service of its own pleasure, manhandling the audience from one position to the next, occasionally snickering at its own private jokes and daring us to de(pipi)her them. Personally I found this a bruising, gruelling experience and yet the film has stayed with me. It is so laden with highly charged set pieces, so dappled with haunting ideas and bold flights of fancy that it finally achieves a kind of slow-burn transcendence. Nymphomaniac annoys me, repels me, and I think I might love it. It’s an abusive relationship; I need to see it again.


zapraszam do dyskusji.



































































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Byłem wczoraj. czekam na dwojkę, bo czesc pierwsza była w miarę lajtowa choćby w porównaniu do Antychrysta. natomiast podczas napisów w małym okienku puścili zapowiedź dwójki i już było widać, że jedynka to taka cisza przed burzą.


PS. Scena ze zdjęcia z posta wyżej z czarnoskórymi panami tęż dopiero w dwojce/


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niech ci twoja magiczna kula powie jeszcze czy nowy Smarzowski jest spoko czy nie, bo wybieram sie niedługo do kina i szkoda marnowac kase na kiepski film.

Szkoda, ze w tym filmie aktorka, ktora gra główną bohaterkę za młodu jest tak szpetna

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No to ci powiem, że pod nocnym aniołem da radę, bo to  film dobrego polskiego twórcy, a nimpoanka dalej będzie 5godzinnym gównem hipsterskiego reżyseria od wydumanych scen bez sensu



ps. jutro dam ci minusa, bo wykorzystałem już dzisiejszy limit 

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