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poszukaj sobie kawałka Blood and Thunder, wtedy zrozumiesz :/


zespół imo zayebisty, ale każdy album to inny klimat.

Lifesblood, Call of the Mastodon, Remission brudne w chui, Leviathan miażdżący klimatem (Hearts Alive ftw!) i zuuuupeeeeeełnie inny Blood Mountain. ostatnia płytka jakoś średnio mi podeszła. jak dla mnie za dużo eksperymentow, i za malo pierrdolniecia. ze 3-4 kawalki fajne, a reszta jak takie odrzuty jakieś.




ps. :bow: Brann Dailor

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ciekawe czy w tym roku jakis nowy material od nich wyplynie???


ostatnio co 2 lata wydaja plyty wiec mam cicha nadzieje.


chyba, ze ktos ma konkret info?


Swego czasu pisalem w newsach, ze chyba juz polowe albumu maja ukonczone. Ma byc brutalnie i maja byc eksperymenty, czyli tak naprawde do wyplyniecia nic nie bedzie wiadomo.


edit: Progressive metal quartet MASTODON is tentatively scheduled to enter the studio in the spring to begin recording its follow-up to 2006's "Blood Mountain". A late 2008 release via Warner Bros. Records is expected.


In a recent interview with UK's Rock Sound magazine, MASTODON drummer Brann Dailor stated about the songwriting process for the group's new album, "It's a long, arduous process. We've got a skeleton for the whole record and these huge chunks of music four of five different segments that don't have a beginning or end yet... We're just basically in the middle of the record, adding stuff, giving it a taste then adding a little more 'pepper' or 'salt.' Once all the ingredients are in there, you have to bake it — which is just playing it over and over again until it feels right. The main goal is to get the songs right so you don't have to think about the time changes — so you can relax with it and play it how it should be played. There's a level of difficulty to our stuff and if you're too wrapped up in trying to remember how many times something goes and the timing for the next riff, you can't examine the song for being a song. So it takes a while."


So far, only one new songtitle has been revealed: "The Ghost of Karilla".


Commented Brann: "I dont want to give the theme away but I think the song title will leave a few people guessing. It's top secret. I can't divulge that information. It's more fun keeping it under wraps, but you can be assured that it's definitely another MASTODON record which is going to further in a couple of different directions and the stuff we've written so far is heavier than I expected."




tak w ogole: MASTODON's cover version of the THREE DOG NIGHT track "One" is currently being used in the ad campaign for the upcoming multiplatform videogame "Army of Two".

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Guest _Be_

No mi też Blood Moutain wchodzi jak ch,uj. A i tak Remission i Leviathan rozpierdalają.





Mastodon - Live in Vera Project Seattle 2005

Video : 632 x 472 / 25 fps / 196 kbps / 24 bit / XviD

Audio : 192 Kbps / 48000 Hz / Mp3





- Hearts Alive

- I Am Ahab

- Seabeast

- Island

- Crusher Destroyer

- Megalodon

- Blood And Thunder

- Where Strides The Behemoth

- Mother Puncher

- Aqua Dementia

- Iron Tusk

- March Of The Fire Ants

- Megalodon



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Na początku powala świeżością, ale (pipi)a IMO ten Mastodon robi się szybko nudny... odpuszczam sobie. Wiem poyebany jestem :]

Dokladnie tak, remission w 1 chwili mna zawladnelo, ale z kazdym kolejnym przesluchaniem było coraz gorzej az w koncu odnioslem wrazenie ze ci kolesie ta muzyke robili przypadkowo tzn nawalali w struny zebyc cos wyszlo, no i wyszlo takie byle co... no (pipi).nia troszke poprostu wiec odpusciłem na jakis czas. Teraz obczajam leviathana, w sumie jest dobrze zobaczymy co potem.

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