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PREVIEW: LittleBigPlanet


(...)LittleBigPlanet is now fundamentally complete, in pre-alpha bug-testing and due for a closed beta trial in early summer for some final tweaking.(...)

...‘LittleBigStory’, with a basic narrative connecting over 50 levels to be played through with one to four players. Those players can be any mix of local and PSN sackboys...

(...)The levels also now incorporate hazards that can ‘kill’ your sackboy, but death within the game is countered heavily by frequent respawn doors(...)


"no ileż można czekać"

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Working alongside three other games journalists was an absolute joy, and we witnessed much of the game's early potential transforming into a sublime multiplayer experience right before our eyes. LittleBigPlanet is a game that's impossible for you to play without grinning like a child, and we had an immense amount of fun customising our character and playing cooperatively in the world.


pisza tez o planowanej premierze we.. wrzesniu :P



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Polecam isc do saturna w Silesi City center .. tam na relewizorach fullhd sony pokazana jest gierka normalnei w game playu tzn widac ze prosptu to jest z gameplaya zywcem wziete i nagane w hd

Gra wymiata grafa, fizyka i wgole, nawet moja dziwczyna przestala marudzic ze jestesmy w dziale nie dla niej, i pwoeidziala ze w taka gierke ze mna pogra...

Idzicie naprawde warto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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