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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Guest Kyo

Poziom trudności Trofeów.  

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  1. 1. Jak oceniasz poziom trudno?ci Trofeów w X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

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Guest Kyo



Brąz: :3pl:


Getting Started

Killed 100 enemies


A Day's Work

Killed 500 enemies


You Can't Hide

Lunged to 250 enemies



Lunged to 25 enemies



Lunged to 100 enemies


Piggy Back Ride

Lunged to a W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype's back


Quick Killer

Quick Killed 1 enemy


Efficient Killer

Quick Killed 20 enemies


Perfect Killer

Quick Killed 3 enemies in a row


Drop Dead

Killed 10 enemies by throwing them off high areas



Raised One Combat Reflex to Master Level


Mutant Lover

Raised one Mutagen to level 3



Found 1/2 of all Dog Tags in the game



Performed 1 Counter move



Performed 25 Counter moves



Killed 1 enemy with a reflected projectile



Killed 25 enemies with a reflected projectile


Aerial Assault

Performed 10 Air Grabs


Ultimate Wolverine

Fought 4 W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototypes at the same time and defeated them at Alkali lake.


Hot Potato

Light 20 enemies on fire


Shotgun Epic Fail

Killed 25 Ghosts with their own weapon



You feel a cold as you examine the sword and skeleton. A rustle of wind in the trees faintly echoes the name Arthas


Aerial Master

Got 6 enemies airborne at once


Fully Loaded

Maxed out all upgrades


Slice n' Dice

Killed 6 enemies with a single attack



You found a mysterious hatch!


Slaughter House

Dismembered 100 enemies


Heightened Senses

Killed 200 enemies in Feral Sense


Environmentally Friendly

Killed 10 enemies using objects in the environment


Whatever it Takes

Killed 30 enemies using objects in the environment



Killed 50 enemies while in Berserker mode


Weapon X

Killed 150 enemies while in Berserker mode


The Cake

You found the cake, yummy!


Clean Up on all Aisles

Destroyed all objects in the grocery store fight with Fred Dukes (The Blob)



Srebro: :2pl:


What I Do Best

Killed 2000 enemies


Devil's Brigade

Found all Dog Tags in the game



Raised All Combat Reflexes to Master Level



Killed 200 enemies with Claw Spin



Złoto: :1pl:


Walking Death

Beat the game on Hard Difficulty










James Howlett

Performed a Wolverine to Wolverine Lunge


Stick Around

Impaled Victor Creed outside the Bar


Spillway Escape

Escapes from Weapon X


Threading the Needle

Flew through the O ring in the Sentinel Boss Battle









The Village

Completed the Jungle Mission


Bar Fight

Defeated Victor Creed (Sabretooth)


Helicopter Ride

Defeated David Nord (Agent Zero)


Fallen Sentinel

Defeated the Sentinel Mark I


Put up your Dukes

Defeated Fred Dukes (The Blob)


52 Pickup

Defeated Remy LeBeau (Gambit)









The Dead Pool

Defeated Weapon 11 (Deadpool)










You collected all the trophies in Wolverine.


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Niebawem minie rok (jakoś tak) od czasu gdy ja zdobyłem. Jeśli chodzi o zdobycz, to jest bardzo łatwa. Na hard sprawić trudność może tylko ostatni boss. Nie by był jakoś specjalnie ciężki, ale przez te zwolnienia animacji, walka może być mało przyjemna. Uważać również należy na dog taki. Tyle w zasadzie.


Przyłączam się do tego co stoodio napisał, w razie problemów, piszcie.

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