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Guest DonSterydo

Nowe informacje z GI:



Mysterious and foreboding atmosphere
Project began sometime in 2009
Players control a character, currently named The Wanderer, who is susceptible to perma-death
Playing an extremely capable but fragile character "one mistake away from death"
Not a game about a main character but a lot of characters (think Zombi U for example)
Outside of several key rooms, most of the environments are randomly generated
When a character dies, you don't go back to square one. Whatever you have discovered etc. thus far will stay
Real-time action approach, but not comparable to Diablo or Torchlight: "For players to succeed, they must evaluate the enemy's capabilities, the surrounding environments, and the best moves and attacks provided by their currently equipped gear. The soul of roguelike battle planning and strategy is still there; you just have to do it on the fly."
You are going to die because you made a mistake and not because the game is unfair. Not many weapons and moves, so you have to think carefully how to use them.
3 inventory slots: "Generally, the left hand is for defense items like shields, the right carries the primary offensive weapon like a sword and your back holds a large weapon or special item."
Loadouts: E.g. Sword, shield, bow and arrow. More speed but less defense: daggers in both hands. Slower but more damage: Axe and hammers
Not a loot grab, weapon choice is substantial
Nontraditional multiplayer: If you watch the trailer closely, you can see more than one wanderer. You don't come together and start questing. Some parts are only influenced by your own progress, while others happen depending on the progress all the players make. "You just play the game and once in a while multiplayer things happen. You don't have to worry about it. You just go in and start playing. You're exploring and all of a sudden you might find yourself not quite alone in the depths."
Onscreen messaging, tutorial etc. kept to a bare minimum

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Guest DonSterydo

Pierwsze wrażenia od IGN'u. W skrócie - gra zmiotła ich pod dywan. Opisując ją mówią, że to mix Zeldy, Dark Souls i Diablo. Po cichu trzymam kciuki, że zrobią port na X360, chociaż jeśli gra faktycznie wyjdzie w 2015 to nie ma co na to liczyć :/



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