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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


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jakies nowe info z briefingu Nintendo


CASTLE IN THE SKY - In a first for the franchise, Link isn't raised in a village. At least, not one on the ground. He's instead from the land of Skyloft, a floating island in the sky. Link only "discovers" the land below later in life, and finds it overrun by evil. He thus spends the game going between his home in the clouds and the land below (hence the "cloud jump" in the game's trailer).


HUD-BE-GONE - The game's art style may look yummy, but that HUD looks yucky. Thankfully, Aonuma tells us that in the final retail version we'll be able to switch it off.


NEW MAPS - Acknowledging that previous maps in the Zelda series haven't been all they could be, series director Aonuma promises that Skyward's will be easier to follow, and won't leave you as lost as those in other Zelda games.


DOUBLE CONTROL - Similar to Red Steel 2, Skyward will use both the MotionPlus and Wii sensor bar to track your movements, meaning that even if you point the Remote away from the screen, the game will still know where you are.

BOOMING SOUNDTRACK - Mario Galaxy 2 had a big, thunderous orchestral soundtrack. Will Skyward follow suit? Miyamoto says Nintendo couldn't do what it did with Galaxy 2 and not do the same with the next Zelda, which we'll take as a "yes".


2011 - This game won't make 2010, as Miyamoto and Aonuma want to give the development team the rest of the year to complete the game and make sure it's in tip-top shape.



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Castle in the sky - faktycznie zastanawiałem się, co to był za skok w chmury w trailerze. Koncepcja z wyspą ciekawa. Stawiam, że atmosfera na dole będzie bardziej ponura.


HUD-Be-Gone - i całe szczęście. Całość wyglądała gorzej niż Twilight Princess (zwłaszcza roślinność).


Booming sountrack - bomba. Już w TP mi tego brakowało.


Po tak długim oczekiwaniu myślałem, że gra bardziej mnie zachwyci. Ale liczę, że kolejne materiały bardziej mnie przekonają. W końcu to Zelda :).

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No styl graficzny to taka wypadkowa Wind Wakera i Twilight Princess, wyglada niezle. Zwlaszcza kolorki, nie wiem jak wy, ale ja mam juz dosc tej hiper ultra realistycznej grafiki wypelnionej obowiazkowym kolorem brazowym i bloomem.

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  • 2 months later...

- E3 demo area will be divided in the final game

- Demo bosses will be in different locations

- Demo area was from the realm below the clouds

- The demo area was a field, not a dungeon

- Might be more than 8 items

- Some dungeons might have areas where you need to run from enemies

- Might not have your sword in some places

- Gorons/Zoras mentioned, but not confirmed

- MotionPlus could lead to new puzzle types

- Treasure-seeking ability for the sword

- Don?t want Link or other characters to speak because the devs don?t want to ruin people?s images of them

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Co wy z tym sterowaniem, przecież już tysiąc razy napisano, że na prezentacji E3 były problemy z przesyłem danych, a gra działa normalnie. Sterowanie to jest chyba najmniejszy problem z tą Zeldą. A skorpiony były w tej serii ze 20 lat temu.

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>There is flight gameplay, where you ride on a bird through a sea of clouds.

>Flight will function similarly to the overworld in The Wind Waker, in that it is a sea of clouds and you can visit small floating islands.

>There is a gameplay sequence near the beginning of the game in which Link must prove his skills as a bird rider by catching another bird.

>At the end of this sequence as Link catches the statue, the text dialogue says "Wait till Zelda sees this!", implying that the girl in the trailer is indeed Zelda.

>The sea of clouds is only one small part of the game; there is an overworld below.

>It's implied that there aren't towns in the lower overworld, so you will have to return to the sky to buy potions.

>It was claimed that the entire game is like a dungeon even though there are normal dungeons, in that there are puzzles everywhere including the enemy fights. It's unclear what exactly this means, though.

>Enemy fights will require strategy and puzzle solving to determine enemy weak points; button mashing and flailing will not be enough.

>Dungeons are supposedly "approached differently" in Skyward Sword, and it was also stated that you may find yourself going back to old dungeons much later in the game. It wasn't stated why, though.

>When the interviewer was concerned about the game staying fresh with backtracking like that, the representative talked about it not being like that, saying that you will also be searching for story elements.

>There will be a huge collection aspect to Skyward Sword: You will have to collect ingredients for upgrading your weapons, many of which can be found in chests.

>You can return to Skyloft by locating bird-shaped Save Statues.

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