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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader


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Po obu częściach Pathfindera Owlcat zabiera się za cRPG w uniwersum Warhammera. :)





The Warhammer 40,000 franchise is finally getting its own CRPG. Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, announced Wednesday during the Warhammer Skulls streaming event, is the first 40K-themed isometric role-playing game designed exclusively for PC. Best of all, it’s being made by the experienced developers at Owlcat Studio, the same team behind the well-regarded Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous CRPGs. An early access version is expected soon, and pre-orders begin Wednesday.

In the lore of 40K, a Rogue Trader is an explorer officially sanctioned to carry out their duties by the God Emperor of Mankind. As exploration generally occurs well outside of the range of Imperial space, Rogue Traders have absolute authority over their own operations. Some become rich after establishing lucrative trade agreements with unknown civilizations, while others instead choose to put those unknown civilizations to the sword. From Wednesday’s news release:

Thanks to their Warrant of Trade — the Rogue Trader is endowed with privileges and power beyond imagination as well as the task of expanding the borders of the Imperium. At their disposal is a gargantuan voidship of immense strength and innumerable personnel ready to follow any undertakings of the leader. Show your subjects mercy or disdain, stay faithful to the Emperor or consort with enemies of Mankind — every decision and every act of the Rogue Trader sends ripples throughout entire star systems, changing the in-game world and those who inhabit it.

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader will take place in the Koronus Expanse, a region of space on the northwestern fringe of the Imperium. The player’s party can include “a mighty Space Marine, a mercurial Aeldari Ranger, or even a courageous Sister of Battle armed with bolder and ardent prayers.”

Rogue Trader does not yet have a release date. Owlcat Studio said in its press release that fans who pre-order a Founders Pack will be given access to both the early alpha and the beta release of the game.


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14 godzin temu, blantman napisał:

Zapominasz o @estel

Tak, ja już dodałem do wishlisty. IMO sam pomysł połączenia cRPG i WH40k jest świetny i aż dziwne, że do tej pory nie było takiej gry.


Mam trochę obawy skoro Owlcat to robi bo Pathfindera WotR nie oceniam bardzo wysoko, ale to głównie przez zagmatwany system i zarządzanie ekwipunkiem.


Nie jestem zaznajomiony z papierowym RPGiem, ale czytałem że zasady gry nie są zbyt jasno wytłumaczone - kolejna obawa że Owlcat będzie się starało przenieść system 1:1 zamiast go uprościć na potrzeby gry.


Znalazłem też na wiki, że

In Rogue Trader, players take the role of a Rogue Trader and their crew as they operate outside the stellar and legal boundaries of the Imperium of Man (Imperium). The book provides, among other things, rules for interplanetary commerce and spaceship operation, travel, combat, and customization.


także podejrzewam, że będzie jakiś element zarządzania bazą/statkiem/kontaktu z imperium/brakujących surowców, podobnie jak zarządzanie krucjatą jak w WotR, który był jednym z słabszych elementów tamtej gry.


Podsumowując - bardzo chłodny optymizm. Mam nadzieję, że wyciągnęli lekcje i dostaniemy fajną grę, ale patrząc na ich dotychczasowy dorobek spodziewam się zabugowanego, zagmatwanego RPGa z archaicznym interfejsem i niedorobionym aspektem "zarządzania bazą" wrzuconym na siłę.

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