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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide


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The developer was asked a pretty straightforward question about how the game would run on Microsoft's latest line of consoles, and he gave a relatively simple answer too. The game will run at 4K, 60FPS on Xbox Series X, and either 1440p or 1080p on Xbox Series S, with that version seemingly still being worked out. Crucially though, Xbox Series S will retain the game's 60FPS target.



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zaskakująco pozytywna zapowiedź. Wciąż podchodzę z dystansem bo SkillUp często hajpuje, ale moje zainteresowanie po tym materiale wzrosło 

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nice info dump from a guy who claims to have official connections with fatshark developers

i was going to post this in the darktide gameplay trailer thread but theres just too much new news, and i think its deserves its own thread. still tho, check out that thread to see tons of gameplay clips and info for darktide

-new mission board
-lots of customization option for missions means there are around 10 different configurations of difficulty levels in the game
-the new mission board will help players easily find others in matchmaking, despite the large amount of customization options for missions
-missions will be less straight forward narrative (i couldnt exactly tell what he was tyring to say here, maybe someone else can explain it better...??? perhaps more like a "seasons" approach???).
-character customization
-character classes
-character class talents
-more emphasis on ranged weapons, both from our heroes and the enemy
-new "toughness" shield system to offset the addition of more ranged enemy types
-regeneration of toughness only occurs when your with your group, encouraging players to stick together
-movement will be different from vermintide 2: sprinting, vaulting, dodging, side stepping and sliding are all in to help avoid the new ranged enemy threats
-darker 40k world compared to vermintide 1 and 2
-levels/areas will be larger and more diverse, and will be able to support multiple missions using unique paths and mission objectives in those areas
-3 different enemy types units: roamers/hordes, elites and specials/monsters
-mission modifiers and different mechanics within mission to make sure no 2 runs are quite the same
-loot received upon completion of a mission
-less RNG for loot (FUUUCCKK YYEESSSS!!!!!)
-more ways to target the type of loot you want (heavy breathing)
-shop system that allows players to spend credits and get the stuff they want (ALL OVER ME!!!)
-contract system that you can utilize to set long term goals for gear you want to earn
-customizing weapon abilities and cosmetics is also returning
-customizing characters cosmetics returning
-players will always receive a new item upon a level up
-gear crafting is returning but it will be different (hopefully that means less RNG and more letting us customize our gear how we want)
-cosmetic will also be easier to hunt down, with less RNG bullshit
-clear distinctions between cosmetics earned and cosmetics bought (great news)
-"the mourning star" is much like "the keep" from vermintide 2, but will also serve as a social hub, supporting up to 20 players at one time


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 WH40K rozpyerdala klimatem większość popkulturowych uniwersów. Tylko nie ma szczęścia do gier. Tym bardziej chętnie ogram coś, co wyjdzie ponad poziom sredniaka/niszy

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