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Fajny by był efekt, że im bliżej chałupy tym lepiej/głośniej słychać.

taki efekt jest w puszczanych trailerach w różnych częściach HOME, więc z muzyką może być podobnie.


Na GDC08, Sony prawdopodobnie poda wiele nowych informacji, może nawet dokładną date premiery.

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Z oficjalnego forum PlayStation nowa porcja plotek o HOME.


We all know about the Warhawk v1.3 patch info, and its Home integration.


We all know about the PSN page on here (us.playstation.com) that was up, then removed, that had info on Home.


We all know that GDC is 2 days away.


Here is something most of us dont know, and why would we? We dont develop PS3 games. I wont disclose where this info came from, nor will I discuss where the info came from any further after this post. I will instead let you all speculate.


The following is from a Private Message with someone to remain nameless. I am not gonna name names and throw this person under the bus.


"Do you know what PSedge tools are?


Basically, it's a development environment filled with code libraries that allow developers to have an easier time integrating their game code to work with the PS3.


Anyways, very exciting stuff happened on Monday (The one that just past). The PSedge dev kits, recieved an update. So whatever, we take a look, and the major addition, was that the TRC's were updated, and the new HOME libraries were brought in.


What does this mean? A TRC is a checklist of things a game must have for Sony to approve, in order for them to give the "Go-Ahead" on releasing the game on their console. This checklist has things like: Can't crash, Load times under 10 seconds, and things like that.


Two new ones were added: A game must be able to integrate into Home, a game must support "Accomplishments". Right there, two important things, the PS3 system for achievements is called "Accomplishments", and Home is coming out VERY VERY VERY Soon.


Then, we got a changelog, and in-game XMB is almost worked out. Every game that's coming out now, supports in-game XMB, every game that already came out, has to get patched. (Naturally, only first party games will get a patch, I doubt Ubisoft is going to patch Assassin's Creed).


So yeah, it boils down to, Sony got everything figured out. I don't know what's the hold up, but from a developers perspective, HOME is set up and completed, and In-Game XMB is on the verge of being completed and released."





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Pewnie nie pomoże, ale z naszej strony zrobiliśmy co trzeba.


To: Sony Computer Entertainment

We demand for Sony Computer Entertainment to release an open beta of the upcoming application, Home, for their computer entertainment system, the Playstation 3, via the Playstation Store. This application has been in development for far too long, and there are simply not enough users in the current closed beta to receive proper feedback or proper testing for this application. We believe that with the introduction of more users via an open beta, development of Home will accelerate, and will ultimately bring Playstation 3 owners closer to the launch of Home.





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