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PES 2015


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I cannot give details on exactly what we are doing with the UK studio, but they are working on the next project and looking at the needs of the European people. It’s about globalising the franchise, so it is not just being developed by Japanese people.


We know what’s been going wrong with PES, we are working on that. The next version is totally changed. 2014 is a transitional year for the franchise, so expect big things.



W końcu grę będą robić też europejscy ludzie, z szeroko otwartymi oczami, może będą potrafili dostrzec ułomności tej serii.

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Właśnie ci nowi developerzy mający pojęcie o europejskich preferencjach i fakt, że gra będzie pierwszą n-g odsłoną serii napawają mnie nadzieją. Nie musi tam być nie wiadomo czego, po prostu niech znowu sprawia frajdę. Do tego po tym, jak EA oszwabiło ich z licencji do 2014, zapowiedzieli większy wkład w ten aspekt, bo "teraz widzą, jak bardzo jest to ważne"(lol).


Tak bardzo są już zajęci nową odsłoną, że wszelkie narzekania odnośnie 2014 mają głęboko w (pipi)e. Nie  potrafią tej gry załatać jak trzeba i chyba spisali ją na straty.

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edycja 2013 byla fajna pod warunkiem, ze gracz sam sobie narzucil limity - czyli zakaz brania i grania najsilniejszymi ekipami bo wtedy caly gameplay sprowadzal sie do prostopadlych pilek na szybkich napadziorow na sytuacje sam na sam. Jak sie gralo sredniakami to bylo mega zaje.biscie ale to i tak nie usprawiedliwia konami bo edycja 2013 to i tak byl pokaz ich nieudolnosci. Mimo wszystko byla niebo a ziemia w porownaniu do edycji 2014, ktora jest zje,bana w kazdym calu procz animacji zawodnikow - przegigantyczny przerost formy nad trescia, tak sie konczy jak za cos zbyt ambitnego biora sie nieudaczniki

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Nie ma innej wirtualnej piłki nożnej jak ta seria (łącznie z ISS) dla mnie. Troszkę się zmartwiłem, że Konami nic na tegorocznym E3 nie pokazało, ale może i tak co roku bywa (nie wiem, nie śledziłem do tej pory).

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PES 2015 – The Biggest Surprise of E3 2014 as jeuxvideo says.


We can say, the series is back to business and FIFA should seriously compete on the new generation of machines.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until June 25 to tell you more about since Konami does not yet allow us to communicate around her baby.


PES fans can be assured in any case, the time that is given the Japanese firm to develop this new work has paid off!


If no immediate support other than the PS4 has been announced, there is still a safe bet that the license does not neglect other platforms game.


Nie wydaje mi się prawdopodobne, żeby PES 2015 miał być ex-em na PS4, SONY raczej by się tym pochwaliło.

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No szału nie ma i w grafice i generalnie...


For most hardcore PES fans the year’s iteration of their beloved series is make or break, especially when you take into account the well documented shortcomings of PES 2014. Various patches have been released, making the game somewhat more playable, but losing the essence of what PES is all about in the process. Player individuality, team styles and the ability to create flowing moves all pretty much gone. More than all that though, PES 2014 lost the important thing that was present in every single PS2 release. Fun, that’s what. At its core, every top quality PES game has been exactly that, and that’s what I was looking for going in to my time with PES 2015 at E3.

Obviously, it goes without saying the code we were given access to in the City of Angels was far from finished. That said, I can only give impressions based on what I played despite the early nature of the game, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

With the code being on the PS4, I was expecting some top notch visuals and animations given the words about doing next-gen properly coming out from Konami last year. To my disappointment, purely from a visual point of view, PES 2015 was very underwhelming. The player faces are astounding, like photo realistic good, but the rest is disappointing to say the least. I heard the words ‘PES 2014 HD remaster’ thrown about, and I wouldn’t exactly argue with that too much. New animations are present, but the way they tie into one another during gameplay is rigid and somewhat unnatural. There are visible stops and stutters when one animation is attempting to transition to another. Hmm. It’s very hard not to look at what EA are doing with FIFA 15 on next-gen and then come back to PES 2015 only to be disappointed. The power of the Fox Engine is not being fully utilised here. Is it a case of the PES development team still getting used to Kojima’s masterpiece? Probably. This is most evident in the way the stadium and pitch are lit, one of the first things I noticed when playing PES 2015. It’s all very dull, resulting in an unrealistic, cartoon style look. Simply put, the lighting is unnatural, not doing the on-pitch action any favours. This might sound harsh, but if I didn’t know it was PS4 code and someone told me I was playing on the PS3, I would’ve probably believed them. Yeah, I’d think ‘high end PS3 game’, but the reality is that it’s on the PS4. Menus are much better though, but the ones present in the E3 code are subject to change. Hopefully they go with a similar, more simplistic design.

Moving away from the visuals, because the gameplay is where it’s really at, on the pitch PES 2015 at this early stage is best described as a frustrating but ultimately fun experience. There are more obvious negatives than positives at this stage, but I moved from being utterly frustrated on day one to actually kind of enjoying what I was playing by the end of day three.

I’ll go into it, shall I? Cool. You might not be shocked to learn that the goalkeepers are still shocking. More than a few goals that I conceded and scored were purely the fault of the man between the sticks. Only two teams (Bayern Munich and Juventus) were present in the code, so with Buffon and Neuer the goalkeepers weren’t exactly non-league standard. Yet the mistakes they were making we exactly like that of an amateur shot stopper, pushing the ball out into the box unnecessarily, just standing there as the ball goes past them and totally avoiding crosses like Dracula. It has been a well-known Achilles’ heel of PES for a few years now, so it’s worrying that the development team has yet to rectify the issue.

I’m going to go into comparison territory again and point out the fantastic ball physics present in FIFA 15, having a profound effect on how the game plays. You have to play it to understand what I mean. Now, this is not me saying the ball physics in PES 2015 are awful, but they do need some work. As it stands, the passing is a little too predictable. You can pretty much judge the path or trajectory of a pass around 90% of the time. There’s little variation in the way the ball moves, when it should be the exact opposite depending on where the ball is touched and how it is played. Slightly less, but this applies to shooting as well. It’s a marked improvement over PES 2014 as you now feel the power of the shot as you hit it, but a little variation in the way the ball moves wouldn’t go amiss.

Response times, a big talking point with PES 2014, are thankfully much better. This is mainly when you’re walking (yes, you can now walk) or jogging with a player, with each slight movement of the left stick being an utter delight. When you start running or sprinting though, the response times become a little off. I don’t expect to be able to turn on a dime whilst sprinting, but with the top players like Robben or Ribery you expect a certain amount of control even when going at full pelt. The former has shown this in the World Cup, so why should his virtual representation in PES be any different. Kind of linked to this are the player reaction times – not as bad as PES 2014, but still crop up more often than not and end up being utterly frustrating. I’m still unsure if this is down to poor AI, response times or poor animation transition/stitching, but if I was pressed I’d say it was more of the latter. Imagine being a defender facing up an attacker, winning the ball, but you are unable to gain possession of it due to the player not reacting. You press the forward to go to the ball and you can half see your player react, but he just stops there and the attacker frustratingly regains possession. It’s something that was present PES 2014 and is more than prevalent here. This happens in the six yard box too many occasions as well, resulting in cheap goals against or for you.

All the above said though, there are positives to take away from PES 2015. It’s great to see you can now create a move from back to front without it being a similar experience to pulling your teeth out. No, I kid you not. I have my issues with the ball physics, sure, but the sheer fact that I can pass around nicely and create a nice move (goal or not) is great, satisfying even. Combine that with the player individuality and team styles, two signature aspects of PES over the years so it’s good that they are still present. Sure, the code only feature Bayern Munich and Juventus (would’ve liked more teams), but you still got a feel of the two different styles. Funnily enough, I preferred playing as Juventus due my possession football style of play. I used players like Pirlo and Marchisio to use the ball around the pitch and create moves, giving it to the likes of Pogba and Tevez to burst forward with. Speaking of Pogba, he is an utter beast in the game. Pretty much all his attributes (strength, physicality, pace etc) all shine through when you play with him in PES 2015. The same applies to other players like Pirlo, Tevez, Robben, Ribery, Kroos etc. A few other things like the improved heading (yes, you can actually score with your head now) and crossing (still needs some variation) stood out as well the more I played.

It might sound weird, but that’s exactly one of the main things I took away after spending near enough three days (games in between other appointments) with PES 2015. From being frustrated and disappointed after the first day or so, I began to have fun with the game by the end of day three. Don’t get me wrong, the negatives I’ve pointed out were still there, but that element of fun began to shine through. For some, just that statement alone might be enough to believe in PES 2015, even at this early stage, especially given the quality of PES 2014. For me, with the jump to the PS4 taken into account, it is and isn’t enough. I’ll be honest, I expected a bigger leap both visually and gameplay wise. At this stage, PES 2015 feels like a slightly improved/fixed and somewhat better looking version of its predecessor, which given the claims about the jump to next-gen is disappointing. Still, I was very pleased to see that Konami (both Adam Bhatti and the development team) were very open to all honest feedback, so I’m hoping to see a much improved version when I next play the game in July. It should provide a better indication in regards to which direction it’s going. For now, I’m left with a hopeful feeling that Konami can build on the elements of fun in the E3 code and deliver something that truly reflects their “#thepitchisours” motto with PES 2015. Enough of the “foundation is there” chat, it’s time to deliver now. At least on the gameplay front.



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o fuck te wrazenia....czyli seryjnie PES 2014 HD remaster w grafice i gameplayu - oni sa zbyt slabi i zbyt mali by podniesc ta serie z kolan. Na ich miejscu wygrzebalbym build z pes3 lub pes5 z ps2 i podciagnal oprawe pod dzisiejsze standardy lub dalej szlifowal build z edycji 2013 zamiast robic takie cyrki jak robia obecnie

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o fuck te wrazenia....czyli seryjnie PES 2014 HD remaster w grafice i gameplayu - oni sa zbyt slabi i zbyt mali by podniesc ta serie z kolan. Na ich miejscu wygrzebalbym build z pes3 lub pes5 z ps2 i podciagnal oprawe pod dzisiejsze standardy lub dalej szlifowal build z edycji 2013 zamiast robic takie cyrki jak robia obecnie

Dodam tylko, ze te wrażenia są od Asima z WENB,także jeśli nawet on takie ma odczucia,wersję 2015 można skreślić.

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no ja Asimowi też jestem skłonny uwierzyć, bo wersję 2014 jechał od początku tylko nikt mu nie chciał wierzyć, 2015 wygląda na kontynuację pudrowania syfa :)


nie ma przypadku w tym że sprzedaż PESa poleciała ostatnio na pysk (2014 o 2mln mniej niż poprzednik)

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co roku to samo, dziwie sie, ze jeszcze niektorzy sie ludzil jak Wojtas, bo jakis noname'owy serwis standardowo uznal PESa najlepsza pilka na targach.Byla tak dobra, ze pokazali ja nielicznym na zamknietym pokazie :teehee:

Nie grałem w fifę na nexgena więc nie wiem z czym ten nowy pes ma konkurować i moze faktycznie kiepsko to wygląda , ale na curentgeny Pes 2014 po patchach jest dużo lepszy od fify 14, Easy spróbuj sobie pożyczyć ale musisz wgrać patch 1,12 a zobaczysz że to dobra gra jest a strzelenie bramki daje dużo większą frajdę niż w tej Fifce, pozdro!

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