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Dishonored, ma być innowacyjną mieszanką typowego FPSa i skradanki, w której ogromną rolę odgrywają wybory moralne graczy, wpływające na dalszy przebieg rozgrywki. Gra tworzona przez studio Arkane (Bethesda), w skład którego wchodzą takie osoby jak: Harvey Smith, współtwórca dwóch pierwszych części Deus Ex oraz Viktor Antonov, który odpowiadał za koncepcje i projekty City 17, znanego z Half Life 2.

Gra o zabójstwach, w której nie trzeba nikogo zabijać. Gra o infiltracji, w której zamiast włamywać się do posiadłości, możemy zastawić pułapki na broniący jej garnizon. Gra o brutalnej przemocy, w której możemy wślizgnąć się do wrogiej bazy i uciec zanim, ktokolwiek nas zobaczy. Gra o moralności i wyborach gracza, w której świat tworzymy czynami, a nie drzewkami konwersacji.
Premiera w 2012 na PS3, PC i 360.

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Ja tam się jaram. Ważne, że będziemy mieli wybór jak chcemy grać. I w ogóle lepsze jakie takie wybory moralne, niż kolejna liniowa do granic możliwości strzelanka. I w ogóle jak już mówiłeś, nazwiska mówią same za siebie. A poza tym Dark Messiah of M&M (poprzedni tytuł Arkane Studio), jak dla mnie było dobrą grą (też wnosił powiew świeżości w FPSy).

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Who are you?

Players take on the role of Corvo, the Empress’ legendary bodyguard. As the game starts, Corvo is falsely imprisoned for her murder. What the corrupt Lord Regent behind the coup didn’t realize is that Corvo is legendary for a reason. He’s not only a skilled combatant accomplished in the art of not being seen, but Corvo has a suite of supernatural powers that combine with his natural talents and unusual gadgets to make him one of the most lethal men in the known world.

Why should you care?

Even if you haven’t played them, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Thief and Deus Ex. One of the main minds behind those two games, Harvey Smith, is the co-creative director of Dishonored along with Raf Colantonio, the founder of developer Arkane Studios. The two share a vision of a game that gives players the power to be creative with their skills and tactics, and invites them to come up with interesting solutions to the obstacles in front of them. Arkane is known for its immersive first-person gaming (Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic), and the power of a talent-driven publisher in Bethesda (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3) behind the team is promising.


How are they going to do that?

Dishonored has several major elements that combine to create its unique gameplay: mobility, powers & gadgets, environment, and AI. The trick is that a single power doesn’t just do damage or heal you. You can combine them organically to create interesting effects. Stop time and knock a bunch of stuff off a table in one direction then book it in another, so the guards search for you in the wrong place. Summon a swarm of rats to attack one guard, but possess one of the rats and escape in the chaos. Every problem has as many solutions as you want it to.

What’s the catch?

It’s an assassination game that reacts to how violent you are. An unusual “chaos” system tracks how much collateral damage you cause, and the game world changes as a result of your actions. Unlike a light/dark side meter, though, it’s a behind-the-scenes element that affects story decisions without punishing the player or pushing them to play one way or another.

When can I learn more?

Soon! You can get ten pages worth of details in the print magazine, and we’ll be dropping new online content, from video interviews to an interactive map of Dishonored’s world, throughout the month. We asked a lot of questions, and Smith and Colantonio had a lot to say. For starters, on Wednesday we’ll share a video that breaks down why you should be interested in the team at Arkane even if you haven’t played any of their previous games.

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Nowe info:

- The Outsider: “This supernatural being is the source of all magic in Dishonored’s world, including the many powers at the player’s disposal.” It’s described as being “part devil, part angel, and entirely ambiguous.” They mention that you will meet the Outsider at some point.


- The Heart: “The so-called heart is a mystical object that beats faster as you face your objectives, giving the player some basic guidance t keep them on track in Dishonored’s large levels. More disturbingly, it whispers directly into your mind, pulling secrets from the consciousness of others and sensing interesting things within the world that lie beyond mortal senses.” They note that you can learn something about every named character in the game with it and that using it may come with consequences.


- The powers that you do have won’t include stuff like fireballs. One of the powers gives you the ability to summon a swarm of AI controlled rats that react realistically in the world. They’ll clean the bones of downed enemies which will make it easier for you to hide them. They point out that the swarm could cause trouble for the player if an NPC freaks out since that could cause more guards to come to the area. The rats can also attack the player if there isn’t a more appealing target. You can also possess one of them in order to escape through tunnels


- You’ll be able to possess animals or humans. Humans will have to be unaware of your presence in order to possess them


- Other powers will include Bend Time, Windblast ect.


- Powers can be upgraded with runes. They note that you won’t find enough runes on a single playthrough to upgrade everything.


- Gadgets will include spring razor traps, sticky grenades, and different types of ammunition like sleep darts.


- You’ll be able to collect whalebone charms that will give you certain buffs like mana refill or a health boost. You’ll only be able to find “12 or so” of the 40 whalebone’s in a single playthrough. They’ll be selected randomly from a master list.


- They refer to the AI as “analog AI”. They’ll have a number of characteristics that are modified on the fly instead of having a simple alert or neutral as you find in most games. One example is that two guards talking to each other will have narrower “vision cones” and their hearing will be duller in comparison to a guard patrolling on his own. Light, mental state, ambient noise ect. will all impact how the AI reacts.


- They’re trying to avoid having the player feel like the AI is cheating. One way they’re doing that is by rarely spawning new enemies, and when they do it’ll only be because an alarm went off. When they do spawn they’ll try to make it realistic such as having reinforments come through the backdoor of a mansion instead of just magically having them pop up near the player.


- They talk about different ways to disable a watchtower. One is a traditional way of avoiding the spotlight and enemies while moving slowly. “In Dishonored, however, you could alternatively climb a building and use a combination of celerity (supernatural speed), your natural double-jump, and blink (a short-range teleport) to cover a surprising distance in the air and land on the top of the tower itself.”


- Their lead level designer wanted them to remove celerity-double jump-blink combo once he saw it being used because of a fear that people would use it to get out of the map


- They note that the levels are designed to encourage a lot of vertical experimentation


- On the type of experience that they want to deliver “Games can either be described as rollercoasters – which is all crafted and very high-drama – or that time when you were 16 and you and your friend broke into an abandoned house and you had the most intense moments waiting for the door to open, and then there were moments where, ‘Ah, I expected something grand to happen but nothing happened; it was just an empty room.’” He (Harvey Smith) said that they want the latter.


- Listening to random conversations going on in the world may give you hints on how to complete objectives differently


- At one point in their demo they were shown a thug going after a woman in an alley. If the player just went right in they’d be ambushed by the thugs friends. You have multiple ways to rescue her, one of which is to find and take out the ambushers before rescuing the woman


- You can go around causing a lot of bloodshed or you can go with a much more clean/stealthy route. Causing lots of bloodshed will cause chaos in the world. “You’ll be notified when your actions have raised or lowered the level of chaos, but it’s an under-the-hood story mechanics rather than an explicit light/dark or paragon/renegade score with gameplay effects.”


- “Whatever the specifics may be, the fate of this grim world is determined over a linear series of levels that largely revolve around eliminating one target or another within the Lord Regent’s corrupt regime. This isn’t an Elder Scrolls game that turns you loose to explore the world at your leisure, though everyone’s experience will be different as they choose their path and affect the simulation in radically different ways based on their gameplay choices.”


- There are only a few dialogue choices in the game and they only come up when you need to make a real choice. Most of the cutscenes are handeled while you stay in first person.



Na papierze zapowiada się na kozacki tytuł. Na razie czekam na jakiś gameplay, ale czuję że ciężko będzie nie sprawdzić tej gierki.




Nowe screeny z gry:


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Interaktywna mapa świata gry:



P.S. Mam nadzieję, że na gamescom'ie pokażą jakiś porządny gameplay albo przynajmniej trailer-gameplay.



Skany z Gameinformer'a:



Styl graficzny taki bardziej chyba "komiksowy" niż realistyczny, coś w stylu najnowszego XCOMa.

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Trochę Bioshocka, trochę Thiefa, trochę Half-Life'a, ale ta gra ma szansę obronić się jakoś coś oryginalnego. Świat wydaje się być ciekawy co daje szansę na kolejne części (widzę, że coraz częściej tworzą jakieś uniwersum, które będzie podwaliną pod kolejne części). System też ciekawy, ale to na razie tylko suche informacje bez gameplay'a.

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Podoba mi się taka konwencja, nawet bardzo. Połączenie sandboxa, klimatu Bioshocka i trochę AC. Trzeba będzie chyba zaznaczyć premierę gry w kalendarzu, bo to może być hit. Sam render mi wystarczy, a o oprawę się nie boję, bo ta będzie stała pewnie na poziomie Bioshock Infinite.

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Lubię takie gry więc czekam. Zobaczymy jak gra wypadnie w porównaniu z Bioshockiem.


Na razie nie ma co porównywać z Bioshockiem, bo Bioshock to wyrobiona marka i praktycznie pewniakiem jest, że nie zawiedzie. Tutaj jak na razie intryguje design miejscówek, projekty postaci i ogólne założenia z mechaniką podobną do Assassin's Creed, Bioshocka i Thiefa, ale nie wiadomo czy gameplay nie będzie przynudzał po czasie i czy fabuła da radę. Sam deweloper też nie ma jakiejś wyrobionej renomy, choć robią tam ludzie pracujący przy Deus Ex, czy Half Life 2.

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