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- Three slow Southern rock chords repeated over and over for four minutes as John Hetfield threatens to burst out into "Don't Stop Believin'" ("Brandenburg Gate")

- Heavy trudging, sluggish, dumb-as-dirt chords followed by John Hetfield claiming to be a table ("The View")

- IQ-lowering metallic stupidity pasted awkwardly onto a slower 'evocative' part with ridiculously effected drums ("Pumping Blood")

- Overwrought, out-of-tune sub-King Crimson codpiece scraping -- i.e. Metallica's ham-handed attempt to create 'art' instead of 'horseshit' ("Cheat On Me")

- A carbon copy of a song performed earlier on the record, intertwined with drab choppy guitar chug and, God Save Us, a drum solo ("Frustration")

- A man urinating on his electric guitar as a baby with one finger performs an acoustic piece ("Little Dog")

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Darren Aronofsky wyreżyserował :ph34r:



weź masorz spier dalaj

to nie jest metallica tylko "lou reed i metallica", a to różnica

cos jak między krzesłem a krzesłem elektrycznym


sam wypier.dalaj, guwno jest guwnem, nieważne czy sygnowane nazwą Metallica czy Lou Reed & Metallica, nie ośmieszaj się.

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