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12 minutes


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Świetny jest ten plakat gry. :fsg:


Nowe materiały:







Recording the lines for hundreds of different outcomes took four different sessions over several months. “It was tiring,” McAvoy admits. “I wouldn’t say it was tiresome. The hardest work, the truly tiresome work, is when the material is not good. The sweat was given gladly because the material was good.”



“It’s not a linear medium where you get to the last page, and the story’s over,” Antonio says. “The game itself is about repetition and being stuck in a loop. There’s not a generic ending that wraps up the story and you leave the game.”



The specific difference with the “Twelve Minutes” game, McAvoy says, was that “every time I walk into a room, I’ve then got to do a thousand different alternatives — where I make a slightly different choice or a massively different fatal choice.” Instead of shooting a few takes of a scene, “This was like 100 different takes before you move on.”



"It's really hard to wrap your brain around, and depending on how the player interacts and constructs the narrative makes certain choices, it's a different character, basically," Dafoe said of the possible variations in the game's narrative. 



"Because you are repeating a time loop, what could be considered a wrong answer or a mistake does not exist here," Antonio said. "It just exists. Knowledge that you acquire based on the things you're doing, and you'll be carrying that knowledge as you go further, which I think is kind of liberating. There's no fail state, there's no game over, you just keep going over and over with the choices you've made."


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