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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


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Summary of IGN Interview:
- Development started in 2019
- Wo Long is only covering the beginning of the Three Kingdoms period, specifically the Yellow Turban Rebellion and the end of the Han Dynasty
- The Player is one of the iconic heroes
- Will be similar to the Nioh series with RPG elements like player builds, leveling are all present
- Nioh 2 Character creation is back
- Will have Nioh's co-op and another form of multiplayer
- Combat is faster than Nioh with jumping and being able to launch over enemies, but not to the level of Ninja Gaiden
- Able to seamlessly switch between offense and defense during attacks
- Players and Enemies have a morale system, which will affect death like Sekiro
- Players gain something from killing a strong enemy and enemies gain something from killing the player which affects the balance
- Scale is more massive compared to their Japan based titles
- Remains level based structure like Nioh, but the level themselves are much larger with more verticality and exploration
- Different weapon types based on the warlords are in but no constant upgrading weapons
- Each enemy won't drop items

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Nie bedzie staminy #jebacsoulsy w koncu jakas szybsza gierka


How has the action changed from the Nioh series?

Mr. Yasuda:
 The big change was the introduction of jumps. Also, the concept of stamina and stance has disappeared. The degree of freedom of action has increased more than before, and it is now possible to search inside the stage in three dimensions.


 Will the action be more intense if there are jumps and no stamina?

 That's right. In the way of fighting Chinese martial arts and kung fu as we imagine, I think that there is an action that combines offense and defense, such as attacking while hesitating or handling the enemy's attack, but in this work it is instant. A Chinese action-like battle system has been introduced that allows you to switch between offense and defense.


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